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Former chief of staff to Marilyn Schiappa denies any favouritism

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The former Chief of Staff of Marlene Schiappa, Sebastien Gallet, confirmed on Wednesday, June 7 in the Senate that he would not ask the Association of Principal Beneficiaries of the Marian Fund, which is involved in the use of subsidies, contrary to the assurances of one of its officials .

On the other hand, Sebastien Gallet made it clear that Marlene Schiappa was directly involved in the process of selecting the Marian Fund, contrary to what the Minister of Foreign Affairs has always announced, as Mediapart confirms. Armed with such force, she would have refused to allocate 100,000 euros to an association, “Because of the rather old history of the relationship.” – said his former chief of staff. The association in question will be none other than SOS Racisme, again according to information from Mediapart.

sequel after announcement

The most senior civil servant, now Governor Orne, was heard by the Senate Investigation Committee on this controversial fund, the day after the resignation of Christian Gravel, Chairman of the CIPDR (Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Deviance and Extremism), the administrative structure The management of this fund is within the Ministry of the Interior.

This committee will also hear Marilyn Schiappa next Wednesday (10 am), as well as her successor in government, Sonia Pax (4 pm).

The contrast between the different characters

A report of the Inspector General of Administration (IGA) published on Tuesday deplores “special treatment” Awarded by Christian Gravelle to the Principal Recipients Association USEPPM (Federal Confederation of Physical Education and Military Preparation Associations). “The USEPPM project is not a project the company and I went looking for”Gallet is reassured by Sebastien, confirming that he has reached CIPDR.

Why the administration of the Marian Fund, which was established by Marlene Schiappa after the death of Samuel Paty, came into question

Mohamed Safawi, a USEPPM official, confirmed in April that he had been encouraged to apply “By members of Mrs. Schiappa’s cabinet herself.”. I did not take this initiative spontaneously.wrote the person who will be taking the test next Tuesday (9 am).

sequel after announcement

In its report, the intergovernmental agency also considered that the CIPDR Call for Projects, on April 20, ‘It was neither transparent nor fair’. Sebastien Gallet replied that he was ” justice “ Because all the candidates, according to him, have seen “Their requests are appreciated.”Adding that the 20-day deadline for a response was not “indefensible”.

“The Minister Delegate exhausted herself from the process”

Sebastien Gallet also considered that the Marianne Fund was “A project which, after it had passed the stage of momentum and verification, was essentially an administrative task”.

The project selection committee, in which Marilyn Schiappa did not formally participate, “Fundamentally endorsed the proposals put forward by management”He confirmed, acknowledging that the file had subsequently received a file “Arbitration Against the Minister”. IGA noticed that “All testimonies collected indicate that the Minister Delegate withdrew from the process once the official launch had passed.” April 20th.

This fund was launched on April 20, 2021 by Marlene Schiappa, Minister Delegate for Citizenship at the time, after the shock caused by the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty. For the republic to fight separatism.

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