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Carol Delga, state president of PS Occitania, regrets her controversial remarks on immigration

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Carol Delga, president of the Socialist Party of Occitani and anti-Nubians, admitted on Wednesday, June 7 “for expressing himself badly” After controversial remarks about the origins of athletes Kylian Mbappe and Yannick Noah, which caused outrage among insomes and environmentalists.

In the Socialist Party, Carol Delga traced her furrow away from the Nubians

Asked about the regularization of illegal immigrants, the Occitani president, who opposes the left-wing Nupes coalition and has presidential ambitions for 2027, explained to Franceinfo that immigration constitutes ” Wealth “.

sequel after announcement

Who was running hospitals and nursing homes during the Covid crisis? »I wondered before citing the examples of footballer Kylian Mbappe and tennis player Yannick Noah “Favorite characters of the French”.

Mbappe “from other countries”

In the face of the reporter who mentioned that both of them were “I was born in France”The Occitani chief replied that they were “from other countries”This caused an uproar among his opponents on the left.

Faced with the criticism, the Occitani president clarified her thoughts on Twitter: My name is Delga: first generation, second generation, 100, we are all children of immigrants.I wrote.

“I’m sorry I misspoke.”However, she confesses, claiming that she summoned the immigrants as her “A wealth of contribution to the genius and success of our country”.

sequel after announcement

On the left, Carol Delga plays the territory card

In a statement released to the press, she expressed her regret “The misunderstanding (and even more so the exploitation) of my remarks”. “It’s too important to be the subject of a bad debate.”she indicated.

Delga crushed Melenchon

His remarks drew strong criticism from the left, especially among the rebels: “Get rid of the pollution caused by far-right clichés”the reaction of LFI President Jean-Luc Mélenchon; “Shipwreck” for LFI MEP Manon Aubry or even “The left takes topics and terms that are not ours” About Vice Generation Benjamin Lucas.

In the socialist ranks, the first secretary, Olivier Faure I stepped in to defend her He claimed it was “false trial”.

PS Nicolas Meyer Rossignol, who participated on Saturday alongside Carole Delga in a meeting in Montpellier of the anti-Mélenchon left, welcomed the First Deputy Secretary of the PS Nicolas Meyer Rossignol, for his part. “Boldness and honesty” From the head of Occitania to its existence “He admitted his mistakes”.

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