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Marinism is my son’s creed

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Let’s start with the awakening game, with this tweet from a deputy in the National Assembly dated June 2022: “This historic breakthrough by the Royal Navy and its allies is a major victory for Marine Le Pen and the maritime movement, and embodies national hope more than ever.” Now, let’s replace the word “Marinism” with the word that disguises it: “This historic breakthrough by the RN and its allies is a major victory for Marine Le Pen and Lepenism, and embodies national hope more than ever.” ea? Hopes? Suddenly, it’s not the same song.

Tweet RN Tanguy

The navy does not exist. Its sole function is to disguise the word lepenisme, its living heritage, to lull us to sleep. “Navy”? No morphine! Every time we say “marinism,” the lepenists are churning out the champagne. But Marine Le Pen is not “Marine”, she is “Le Pen”. Marine Le Pen is not a “Marinist”, she is a Lepinist.

To make Rascar Capac’s mummy disappear, RN buried Le Pen’s surname under the first name, “Marine.” The first name is intimate, caressing, “medium”. “Marin,” as we said yesterday, “Johnny,” or “Sylvie.” Still “Adolfism” is more zazou than “Hitlerism” (no mix!). Marinism is lepenism yéyé. perversion in Sigmaringen? Lepenism “Hi friends”, even if these friends, instead of the “Bang Bang” style, choose the legitimacy bond strategy.

This nominal sleight of hand therefore has several advantages. Another benefit: none sex, the RN has made her gender transition. In Le Pen, there “The,” a definite article, is strikingly masculine. “Marine” is deliciously feminine, shaggy-haired, iodized, “Eco-Europe – Les Verts”, plunging into an ocean of femininity, the oasis of caresses. However, we know, since the Weinstein crimes, that the woman is benevolent, and the man is Jean-Marie Le Pen. The next phase of “de-demonisation”: will President Le Pen write her name comprehensively? Darling, you have unraveled the menhirs! if n e. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Anyway, it is comprehensive.

Marinism is a sweetener 200 times stronger than aspartame and 400 times stronger than sucrose. We know that calling a woman by her first name (“Ségolène!”), when calling a man by his full name, is sexism. He locked her in a subordinate role of the eternal minor, to convince the world of her insignificance, of her kindness. This form of childishness and degradation of women, Le Pen turns it to his advantage to make it a self-mitigating tactic. “Navy”? See me this little sweetie, the RN tells us. Because the minor is vanilla, sweet, reassuring, harmless. Except when he comes from Africa or when he is called Muhammad, as the Navy says, between two Kinder Buenos.

sequel after announcement

“Fighting” the National Front

From here we hear the objection: Lepenism and Marinism? But it’s not the same thing at all. Capri is over! cleverness! Don’t confuse White Hat with White Hat, Saint Cloud Eye, and Moscow Eye. hyphen! break up! break! Huh! With realization! Infinite clean slate! Marinism is the other, the utterly other, these great friends of altruism and nuance, tell us, the “followers of Marie Lepinion.” We are absolutely broke, dear sir, Jean Maresme. The evidence isn’t quite the same as the name, so let’s try what we’ve never tried – have you tried coprophagia?

However, I am not making this up. The president herself confirms that the Royal Army continues “fight” from the National Front. “During forty years of struggle, the National Front managed to put all major political issues at the center of public debate”She called out in an epic poem from the year 2022. Rip, rip? There, it’s rather “memories, memories,” as yéyés puts it. Marinism, the promise of loss and stagnation! Therefore we must not limit ourselves to saying that Marinism is criminalized. It should also be said that leprosy is a sea sect. but how? Marine life loves animals. You don’t like animals, sir? Another trick for the hat. Yesterday, Lepenism said “coon”. Today, he says “cats.” But, let’s call a spade a spade, I’d better eat you, baby.

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