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In committee, the deputies vote against Liott’s bill

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In a turbulent and turbulent atmosphere, deputies Macron and LR of the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly voted in favor of an amendment deleting Article 1 of the bill from the Léot group, which wanted to cancel the raising of the legal age to 64 years proposed by the Lilleot group (Freedoms, Independents, Beyond seas and territories). However, Finance Committee Chairman Eric Cockerill (LFI) deemed the text acceptable on Tuesday.

In detail, 38 elected officials voted in favour, 34 voted against and one MP abstained. This victory for Macroni, who wants to prevent a vote on the bill by all means, came thanks to the votes of the LR group that added to the votes of the majority – only two deputies joined from the right out of eight. Other dissenters vote to defend the repeal of the 64.

sequel after announcement

“I feel terrible, it means we are not going to vote on this text. Shame on LR for this, they are just betraying their constituents”RN Rep. Laure Lavalette’s reaction.

But the text, which was carried by Lyot’s independent group and continues to be examined, was not buried for all that. MEPs will be able to reintroduce this motion with an amendment during a vote on the text in session on 8 June. With the risk that the Speaker of the National Assembly, Yael Braun-Biveh (Renaissance), will declare the amendment inadmissible, based on Article 40 of the Constitution.

“We no longer have the right to amend, this is still not normal!”

And the left, LFI in the foreground, counterattacked by putting forward more than a thousand amendments to the next article of the bill, hoping to prevent the discussions from finishing. “If we do not have time to discuss the entire text, it will revert to its initial state during the session, and there may be interest in doing so.”LFI deputy Alexis Corbière explained. A strategy not to Liot’s taste.

sequel after announcement

In response, the head of the commission, Fadela Al-Khattabi (Al-Nahda), decided to prevent this possibility. “After discussing it with the Speaker of the National Assembly, we will continue without studying the 1,000 amendments and some of the sub-amendments that have been put forward.”she said when the deputies returned to the committee room.

Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

If you justified this decision before obstruction Made by Nupes members, his decision made the opposition howl. “We no longer have the right to amend in this assembly, it is still unusual!”said LFI deputy Mathilde Bannot. Tyranny has limits!the head of the LFI group was carried away in the assembly.

A barrage of protest followed between the majority and Nubian MPs, which led to the suspension of the session.

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