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Did Macron reframe Bourne in the cabinet over his remarks on the National Front?

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Is RN the “heir to Petain”? Within government, the question is divided. On Tuesday, May 30, Emmanuel Macron said at the Cabinet that the far right should not be fought “by moral arguments”distinguishing herself from Elizabeth Bourne who considered the National Assembly to have beenPetain’s heir.

Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

“The President of the Republic does not reconstitute the Prime Minister in the Council of Ministers”The Elysee reassured Agence France-Presse, to reduce this new dissonance between the two heads of the executive branch, while speculation is rife about an upcoming government reshuffle.

sequel after announcement

“put a scud on it”

However, his observations, reported by the participants, may seem illustrative. “put a scud on it”A member of the government called him “Parisian” about his departure from the cabinet.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like Parliament

“The fight against the far right no longer involves moral arguments”, appealed to the head of state. according to him, ‘We must discredit credibility’ The RN “in terms of substance and inconsistencies”And “in concrete”not by “moral positions” or some Words from the ’90s don’t work anymore.. “You can’t make the millions of French who voted for the far right believe they are fascists”still fired.

There is no direct reference to Elizabeth Bourne’s lyrics

And Emmanuel Macron stepped in as the exchanges focused on Sunday’s local elections in Spain, where the far right has established itself as the third political force and can rule with the right in many regions.

If there is no direct indication of this, they intervene after the interview broadcast by Radio J on Sunday, in which Elizabeth Bourne attacked RN.

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“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

“You should not underestimate your ideas, your ideas are always the same. Now, the National Assembly is putting shapes in it, but I still think it is a dangerous ideology.”Judgment of the Prime Minister.

“incompetence” and “amateur”

I felt like the party was on “heir” Philippe Pétain, the head of the Vichy regime that collaborated with Nazi Germany, warned that Marine Le Pen’s victory in the 2027 presidential election was “real threat”.

These criticisms are denounced “notorious and unworthy” By the patron saint of RN MPs, they are variously revered within the Macronie.

“Enhanced shots are always useful”Renaissance MP Marc Ferracci told the press on Tuesday. Now there are other ways to fight. Far right, especially by raising “incompetence” And “Hobby” He added that of her proposals.

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Philippe, Darmanin, Le Mer: Will the War of the Three Break Out?

“argument deficit”

Not everyone around the table in the Cabinet viewed Emmanuel Macron’s statements as a “frontal attack” against Elizabeth Bourne. ‘We have a shortage of arguments’ To counter RN, a government source believes, he deplores the use of Same arguments as in 2002.when Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front, for the first time led his camp in the second round of the presidential election. “Honestly, I didn’t see the crop side evident,” confirms another participant in “Tahrir”.

In the past, the head of state felt that the best way to fight back the far right was to get tangible results. Marine Le Pen will arrive. in power “If we do not know how to respond to the challenges of the country and if we prove the habit of lying or denying reality.”He said at the end of April in “Le Parisien”. If we can win the remanufacturing site, we will lift people out of despair, misery, and anger. If we can win the environment and order project and fight for our public services, we will have people who will return to the Republican sphere.”progress.

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