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Coquerel, chairman of the Finance Committee, considers LIOT’s bill to repeal the reform acceptable

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Unsurprisingly, the bill to repeal the pension reform was accepted on Tuesday, May 30, by the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Eric Cockerell (La France insoumise). At a press conference, the rebel took the time to justify his decision to endorse the text presented by the Lleut group during his parliamentary standing on June 8, while the Macrons hope to prevent the vote from taking place.

Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

Consider the consequences of Lyot’s Bill, particularly Section 1 thereof [sur l’abolition du passage de l’âge légal à 64 ans, NDLR] As a creator of the public office […]And I have decided to make the bill passable.did he say.

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A decision that makes the majority cringe, and the heads of their groups (Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons) immediately lash out “Partisan and Political Decision” by Eric Cockerella “A serious attack on our institutions”. They are pushing for the motion not to be accepted, in the name of Article 40 of the Constitution, which states that parliamentary initiatives are not acceptable if they aggravate public charges.

Cockerell defends the right of dissent

But for Eric Cockerell, there’s nothing against it. “Nothing obliges the chairman of the finance committee to be more severe than the office of the assembly.”, he explains. Because it reminds us that the office that “Traditionally makes reading flexible and conducive to the members’ own initiative”supported the proposal.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like Parliament

Based on “diligence”In addition to numerous texts and reports, Eric Cockerell showed that since 2009, the Chairman of the Finance Committee has been detained only 28 times (only once during Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term) for one complete inadmissibility and half a partial inadmissibility. “Parliamentary initiative must be sacred”The rebels later ruled, in response to a journalist.

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Eric Cockerell also pointed the finger at the opposition between Article 40 of the Constitution and Article 48.5 on the right to dissent. “No one other than the Constitutional Council may decide on the rights of parliamentarians.”he thinks.

The council president wants to prevent the vote

Eric Cockerell even called for the abolition of Article 40 of the constitution, in a column published on Monday in Le Monde. It also confirms it Most parliamentary democracies live well without it, and many in our Assembly wanted it abolished – even my predecessor, Eric Wirth, in June 2018..

The rebel finally denounced the majority’s referral to the Finance Committee. “Putting text aside is a political gesture”He criticizes, saying that the right to parliamentary initiative is “endangered”.

“There has been a lot of pressure in recent days, especially from the executive branch, which is interfering with an exclusive parliamentary decision.”, was also annoyed by Eric Cockerill. Special mention to the remarks, in particular to Elizabeth Bourne’s remarks judging the proposal “Unconstitutional”.

sequel after announcement

Henceforth, only the Chairman of the Circulation, Yael Braun-Bevitt, could prevent the vote by calling the Assembly Bureau. Until then, she was reluctant to take on this responsibility, she seems to have succumbed to the pressure of her camp and confirmed on Tuesday morning on France 2 that she “Take responsibility” To prevent a vote on this text expected Wednesday in the Committee.

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