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Allowances, Vitaly cards, and retirees abroad… The government’s plan to combat social fraud

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‘No stigmatization, no exploitation’ The Minister Delegate for Public Accounts swears: Gabriel Attal revealed, on Monday, May 29, the measures of his plan to combat social fraud, which aims to double the amendments by 2027.

France, the “tax haven” for billionaires

Three weeks after the first plan centered on combating tax evasion, and at a time when French accounts are under scrutiny by rating agencies, the government wants to dip into all pockets of fraud. Social fraud, like tax evasion, is a form of hidden taxation on working Frenchmen.Said Gabriel Atal in an interview with the newspaper “Parisien”.

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“Our desire is to look at and respond to where cases of fraud are located, without stigmatization, without exploitation”The minister also told reporters. It is very difficult to assess the social fraud represents a deficit of several billion euros. For social benefits alone, this amount is estimated at between 6 and 8 billion euros annually according to the Court of Auditors.

Integration of the ID card and the Vitale card

The minister gives himself ten years to implement the social fraud project, with the first phase to be in 2027: ‘Twice as many results in 2022’A goal of recovering three billion euros annually, Gabriel Attal said, noting that these adjustments have already increased by 35% over the past five years.

For this, he promised to create a thousand additional jobs over the five-year period and invest 1 billion euros in information systems. In terms of procedures, the Minister has drawn up a long inventory on fairly short notice.

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Among the symbolic announcements, the government is considering merging the Vitaly card with the identity card in order to fight the loan and rent the Vitaly card to benefit from free care.

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“We can imagine a model where, from a certain date, when you renew your ID Card, it automatically becomes your Vitale Card”The minister said, adding that the preparatory mission will start by the summer and could reach results by the end of the year.

‘Technically impossible’ action

But this merger was not apparently the subject of consultations within the government, and an executive from the Ministry of Interior responded immediately and warned against such action. “Technically impossible”.

“We discovered a biometric card/identity combination procedure that is clearly technically impossible to implement and which CNIL strongly opposes.”He said in the evening under Place Beauvau.

“Be careful not to violate data protection and individual freedoms and create advertising effects. The solution remains the biometric biometric card that has been voted on and that must be put in place”, added this frame. An idea that Gabriel Attal seems to have abandoned, especially considering its cost.

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Targeting retirees from outside the European Union

The government also wants to target pensioners living outside European borders in order to better identify those who have died but are still receiving benefits.

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This announcement comes after an experiment carried out since September in Algeria, during which 300 pensioners participated “almost centenarians” The minister affirmed that among the 1,000 files that were studied, non-conformity was announced, noting that more than one million pensions were paid abroad, half of which were outside Europe and 300,000 in Algeria. The extension of the measure will target retirees over the age of 85.

Tightening the conditions for obtaining social benefits

Also with regard to foreign countries, Gabriel Atal wants “Strengthening” Requirements for residency in France “to take advantage of social allowances”. The minister notes that it will now be necessary to spend nine months of the year in the country, as opposed to the six months currently planned, to take advantage of the family allowance or the old-age minimum. The same goes for Housing Assistance (APL), which currently only requires eight months of existence.

Small business plan

Regarding fraud in employer contributions, Gabriel Attal intends to increase Urssaf’s means to reduce fraud, through better recruitment and data verification.

In addition, the plan provides for payment at source for the contributions of micro-entrepreneurs through the platforms that make them work, such as Uber or Deliveroo, because a certain number is not authorized, which according to the minister represents “a social time bomb” As much as they don’t contribute enough.

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