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After the drone attack on Moscow, what we know

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Eight drones invaded the skies over Moscow on Tuesday, May 30, at dawn. No injuries were reported by the Russian authorities, who nevertheless reported two people with minor injuries. This air attack comes as, the day before, the city of Kyiv came under massive drone attack.

  • Eight drones and “minor” damage

“All city emergency services are on site (…) no one has been seriously injured so far”Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on his Telegram channel. Little all the same exist Minor damage to several buildings ».

sequel after announcement

According to Russian news agencies, a drone entered an apartment on the fourteenth floor of a residential building without exploding. In response, Sergei Sobyanin evacuated two damaged buildings.

The governor of the region wanted to reassure the residents of Moscow, pointing out that the sounds of the explosion that were heard this morning in the capital were the voices of ” air defense system.

  • Russia accuses Ukraine of a ‘terrorist attack’

And the Russian Ministry of Defense said, in a statement, this morning, that it had neutralized eight drones that were flying over Moscow. He took the opportunity to accuse Kyiv of leadership.” Terrorist drone attack on sites in Moscow.

If drone attacks on the Russian capital are rare, the rest of the territory is often the subject of this type of incursion.

sequel after announcement

The Kremlin spokesman said at noon: At the moment there is no threat to residents of Moscow and its region. He also said that Vladimir Putin was informed “live” of the attack, which followed since dawn.

  • Ukraine involved?

While the Ukrainian authorities denied the latest drone attack on the Kremlin, Kiev remained silent on Tuesday. On the same day, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov mentioned to “West France” a possible breakthrough into Ukraine over the summer; But the latter remained silent after the attack. The same lack of comment on the part of the head of state Volodymyr Zelensky.

In Belgorod, Russian anti-Putin militiamen have managed to sow panic…and even more confusion

On Twitter, journalist Bogdan Bognar invokes the hypothesis of a drone attack with a Castor-type device, supporting video. “It will be a kamikaze device that has a certain shape and flight,” he explains. Hypothesis not confirmed at this point.

Web edition – Daniel-Thézard – 05-30-2023

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