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Pierre Audin, son of anti-colonial activist Maurice Audin, died

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Today, Sunday, the death of Pierre Audin, the son of the anti-colonial activist who was assassinated by the French army in Algeria in 1957, Maurice Audin, was announced by an association created in memory of his father and mother. We left Pierre Audin Sunday “cancer follow-up”This is what the Josette and Maurice Audin Foundation said in a press release.

Algerian by Cedric Villani: “The mathematician Maurice Audin represents all those kidnapped in secret”

His life will be dedicated to The constant struggle with his mother, Josette, to find out the truth about the circumstances of the disappearance of his father, Maurice Audin.from Committed without reservation for the independence of Algeria.He was He was kidnapped on June 11, 1957 in Algiers, then tortured and killed by French soldiers.According to this text.

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“This battle, which also concerns thousands of other Algerians who have suffered the same fate, has become a symbol of the fight against torture and abuses committed in the name of ‘maintaining order’ and ‘pacification'” by France during the Algerian War (1954-1962), it continued to establish.

In September 2018, a year after his election, he asked Emmanuel Macron ” Sorry “ To Maurice Audin’s widow. In a written statement given to Josette Audin, since her death, the President acknowledged, “In the name of the French Republic, Maurice Audin was tortured and then executed or tortured to death (…)” And “If his death was, in the last resort, the act of a few, it was made possible by a legal system: the ‘arrest and detention’ system, created thanks to the special powers legally entrusted to the armed forces of the time”.

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Promoter of Franco-Algerian cooperation

On June 11, 1957, in the midst of the Battle of Algiers, Maurice Audin, a mathematics assistant at the College of Algiers and member of the Algerian Communist Party, was arrested on suspicion of aiding the FLN, most likely by the paratroopers of General Jacques Massu. . It was lost after ten days.

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The official explanation for his disappearance –“Escape in transit”– He never convinced his relatives, who will have to wait until 2013 to open the case archives.

Pierre Audin, a mathematician, like his father, has earned “A little over a year ago (Algerian passport)”According to the institution. “He was actively involved in the creation and maintenance, against all odds, of the Maurice Audin Prize for Mathematics over the years”which is the price of the car “French-Algerian Cooperation”From the same source.

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