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110% Property Hunting: The property support specialist

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The company places 110% Chasse immobilière at the heart of its support tailored to people and today appears as a reference in the turnkey real estate investment sector. The expertise is based on personal support for each client according to their specific needs, as explained by Alexander Mason, founder of the 110% Group.

To offer complete, transparent and fully tailored support at every stage of the real estate project: this is the goal that the company 110% Chasse immobilière sets every day.

To assist future owners and investors, the company starts out with advice based on the initial information provided by the client. The company thus determines whether the specification is related to the allocated budget, in order to determine if the project is feasible and risk-free.

Through this first stage of study, our work consists of dividing the different needs of our investing clients. We seek to understand the specific goals of the client according to his life project, to lead him to the real estate solutions that really suit him, Through a personal investment strategy! Alexander Mason says.

Lots of internal experience

110% Chasse immobilière is today the first structure that has absorbed all the skills necessary for real estate investment. Whatever their needs, clients will be able, for example, to rely on the expertise of tax lawyers, chartered accountants and chartered accountants, to carry out their project with complete peace of mind.

Please note: 110% real estate search fees can be paid by clients in cryptocurrency; The peculiarity is that the company is so far the only one that offers it in the market of its activity.

Growing business

Faced with the company’s success, 110% of Chasse Immobilière and its founder Alexandre Masson now want to continue developing this activity, with the ambition to eventually become the French leader in real estate hunting. Thus, the company aims to be present in 30 French cities by the end of 2023 (compared to 18 at the beginning of 2022), drawing on the experience of more than 30 fishermen.

The company is also developing two new business units, with imminent supply to the general public of 110% of the business, and then in 2023 a dedicated architecture division.

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