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Haro of macronie and oath against Justine Triet, Palme d’Or, after her anti-government speech

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The day after the anti-government speech by Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or winner, director Justine Tritt, backlash rained, denouncing her. “ingratitude” Besides the presidential majority thanks to the left. Criticizing government policy on the stage of the Palais des Festivals, the 44-year-old director threw a stone into the pond.

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Receiving the Palme d’Or from Jane Fonda for her movie “Anatomy of a Fall”strongly deplored the manner in which the French government had taken it ‘shockingly denied’ Protesting pension reform.

sequel after announcement

“This pattern of domination of power, increasingly unchecked, is spreading in several regions.”She added, believing that the authority was also striving for this “To break the cultural exception without which there would be no day”.

Pass the weapon with the minister

In the wake of this announcement, Minister of Culture Rima Abdel Malek said to herself “Shocked by his unfair rhetoric” : “This film would not have been possible without our French model of film financing, which allows for a unique diversity in the world. Let’s not forget that.”I wrote on social media, and then the gun kept being passed around through the media.

“There’s still a slow shift towards the idea that we have to think about these films’ profitability.”Justin Trier revealed into the France Inter mic.“Obviously, in my position, I find it very easy to finance my films, but I can see around me that for people who are starting out, the smallest productions are more difficult.”mentioned.

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“I find it ungrateful and unfair.”The Minister of Culture responded Sunday morning on BFMTV, recalling that he had announced last week on Croisette a plan to aid audiovisual and cinematic creation worth 350 million euros by 2030.

sequel after announcement

“In Justin Treat’s speech, there is clearly a far-left ideological background”She said. “I would like her to give me the numbers, the facts on which she has established herself to regard culture today as a ‘commodity’ and the refraction of cultural exceptionalism”She insisted on government support for the sector, especially during the health crisis, said Rima Abdel Malek.

Web Dept. – Burel – 05-28-2023

Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate for Industry, also tweeted on Saturday night, referring to the title of the award-winning film: “Anatomy of Ingratitude for a Profession We Help So Much…and an Art We Love So Much”.

Web Dept. – Burel – 05-28-2023

on the same line, David Lesnard, Mayor of the Cannes Republicanson Twitter a “A pampered child’s speech and a match for her receiving the prestigious Palme d’Or for her sponsored film”.

The controversy is now political

On the other hand, on the left, the screenwriter’s speech resonated with him. “Thank you to Justine Tritt for her courage as well as her talent. Cannes returns to its traditions. The resistant left created this festival.”LFI leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon reacted on Twitter.

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Six months that all of France is arguing. Six months to submit to one’s will. Thank you, madam, for keeping your neck stiff.”And PS number one Olivier Faure also supported, While Marin Tondelaere, President of EELV, was sarcastic about these matters The news of a hundred days to appease Macron, live from the Cannes Film Festival ».

sequel after announcement

“Commodification of Bodies, Commodification of Culture, Congratulations to Justin Tritt on her Palme d’Or and her hard-hitting speech”added the National Secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabienne Roussel.

Rima Abdel Malek’s reaction also made people jump to the left. Olivier Faure claimed it “I was stunned to see the Minister of Culture who thinks that when you fund a film, you buy the conscience of its authors”.

“Don’t think any more, take your handouts and shut up in the ranks.”launched PCF.

but “Maybe it’s time to stop giving so much aid to those who don’t know what it costs taxpayers.”The chairman of the council’s economic affairs committee threatened, Guillaume Casbarian (New birth).

This last bump was seen as a call “censored by extorting subsidies” by ecologist Benjamin Lucas. It’s Le Pen in the text »he finished.

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