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Bardella denounces the “serious statements”

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Today, Sunday, the head of the National Assembly, Jordan Bardella, denounced it “Serious, misleading and insulting remarks” In his eyes by Elizabeth Bourne, who felt that the party was Petain’s heir.

“By making these earnest, misleading and insulting statements, Elisabeth Bourne dishonors the first opposition party and discredits the millions of French people who vote for the National Front.”Marine Le Pen’s lieutenant stormed out on Twitter.

sequel after announcement

Web Dept. – Burel – 05-28-2023

“This government is ready to do anything indecent to make people forget their record: no one will be fooled.”he added.

‘dangerous ideology’

“I do not believe at all in the normalization of the National Assembly.”And Petain’s heir and l ‘dangerous ideology’The Prime Minister told Radio J.

“Elizabeth Bourne is both uneducated, unworthy, and incapable.”Deputy RN Sebastien Chino also criticized the “Political issues” (France Inter / France Info / Le Monde).

Sebastien Cheneau, living room frontman

“Uneducated because she has forgotten that in the history of the National Front it was founded by people like Georges Bedoux, President of the Council and a resister like Michel de Camaret”said the North’s elected representative. Pierre Bousquet, formerly of the Waffen-SS, also co-founded the National Front in 1972.

“I do not accuse Mrs. Bourne of participating in an administration headed at that time by François Mitterrand who obtained the Francesque,” ​​Medal of the Vichy era, Sebastien Chino said.

“She is not worthy because she hides undemocratic practices through her linguistic excesses when she re-censors, by confiscating or revising a book about her life.”And “the secret” From Bérengère Bonte (L’Archipel), he attacked. The justice must issue her decision on June 30, following a summons from the prime minister for an infringement of her privacy. “She is powerless, she had better focus on the French than offending millions of voters”concluded the deputy.

“Equal sign between LFI and RN”? Macroni’s great camouflage

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