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Justine Tritt Gives Political Speech After Palme d’Or, Rima Abdel Malek Says She’s ‘Amazed’

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The speech after being rewarded with a golden palm often boils down to gratitude and affection. But the French director, Justine Tritt, made a surprise after receiving the precious trophy for her movie “Anatomie d’une chute”. Unable to conjure up just her “joy”, she delivered a deeply committed speech against pension reform and beyond:

“The country has gone through a very strong, historic unanimous protest against pension reform. This disagreement has been shockingly rejected and suppressed before, and this increasingly unrestrained pattern of power grab is exploding in several areas. Socially, this is where it is most shocking, but you can Also to see that in all other spheres of society, cinema is no exception. The commodification of culture that the neo-liberal government advocates is on its way to breaking the French cultural exceptionalism without which I would not be here before you..

The speech angered the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdel-Malik, who said shortly after she thanked the director in a tweet on Twitter that she was “shocked” by this speech, which she described as “unfair”.

Web Center – Sionneau – 05-27-2023

Justine Triet, 44, succeeds Jane Campion (Piano lesson1993) and Julia DeCourneau (“titanium”2021), underscoring the slow movement toward equality in the historically male-dominated film industry. She reached the top of cinema after four of her films “divination”already selected in Cannes and several portraits of women.

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