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Ennahda deputies support Macron … but not the expression praised by the far right

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Since Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday, in the cabinet, has been compared to violence “No matter what” to “Operation Decoding Civilization”Comments are pouring in. The left condemns the far right concept. Republicans (LR) and National Caucus (RN) applaud President. Amid all these explanations, the votes are secret: the votes of the presidential majority.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like Parliament

Ennahda MPs and their allies (MoDem and Horizons in particular) do not say a word. Do they check the term “de-civilization” ? Do they support its use by the head of state? “It’s a bad trial for the president.”estimated by “Ops” Gil Legendre (Renaissance). It is an inappropriate argument to say that it is an extreme right-wing term. Reno Camus [théoricien du “grand remplacement” dont un livre s’intitule “Décivilisation”, NDLR] He has no monopoly.”, continues the deputy of Paris. The president could also have been inspired by a number of opinion polls, Jerome Forquet, during Tuesday’s meeting, according to the newspaper “Le Monde”.

sequel after announcement

If he doesn’t say he’s embarrassed by the president’s use of the term, the former president of the LREM (former name Renaissance) group is on the nuances of the association: What bothers me is that Emmanuel Macron rejects any democratic crisis, but he raises a civilizational crisis. » Concept presented through “The goal is greater than the search for tangible solutions”. Understanding: a new, opaque term in Emmanuel Macron’s vocabulary that prevents MPs from seeing clearly.

“As a deputy, I would not have said that word.”

This is a nuance, which is also shared by Deputy Eric Boyat (Renaissance). This is a regular on security issues, which was scheduled for the petition on “Brav-M disintegration”he believes with the “Obs” that the chief wants “Refers to Feeling It Feels More and More: Deconstructing What Makes Society”. Before tempering:

As far as I can verify the correctness of A Weakening the relationship of the French with the institutions and the community. But who’s there to talk about “de-civilizing”, i [Emmanuel Macron] Leaves fatherhood out of his words. The word “civilization” is a strong and has an identity connotation with multiple interpretations. As a deputy, I would not have uttered this word. »

Obviously embarrassed, the deputy Gironde defends the very president he wanted to take over “a little more high”. Was the sentence discussed by the majority? He points out that the topic is not mentioned and refutes any embarrassment. “The word is harsh, but it matches the present time.”His colleague Patrick Vignall abounds. The former socialist continues: The question is what do we put behind this term? I expect stronger actions. »

And in the end … Marine Le Pen won

Why did the president use such argumentative language? The Elysee Palace told France Info on Thursday that Emmanuel Macron had been exposed ” fact “ : The 37-year-old nurse was killed, Monday, by a man with a heavy psychological profile, or the killing of the three police officers in northern France, or the attack on Brigitte Macron’s nephew. An argument taken up the same day by Sabrina Agresti-Robach, deputy spokesperson for the association’s Renaissance group: “Decivilization is also due to disempowerment”as you say On the CNews set. Bouches-du-Rhône’s elected representative argues ” courage “ From Emmanuel Macron who “I realized the situation”.

sequel after announcement

Macron’s Choice: Garbage Before Democracy

Other majority MPs also pointed out that the term “decivilization” refers to the German sociologist Norbert Elias, known for describing the impact of the rise of Nazism. You must have a minimum level of social culture.Erwan Plantant, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Democracy group, responded on the Daily mic. Before he himself stumbles upon the sociologist’s name, which the journalist ends up whispering to him.

Another influential Walker steps forward Explanation : Above all, flirting with right-wing voters and Marines Le Pen. » An ambition that the former national Republican presidential nominee hastened to assuage: “Decivilization is barbarism […]So, in fact, Emmanuel Macron comes again, if I may say so, to prove to us the right to the remark we make “she said on Thursday on CNews. While the president stirred controversy, the latter was happy to shed light on everything. once again.

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