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Kurt Vile covers Charli XCX’s “Iteration Constant” with his daughters: Stream

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Kurt Weil is officially an Angel. The indie rocker shared his cover of Charli XCX’s “Constant Repeat” for Amazon Originals, celebrating a new Ivors Visionary Award for the latter.

Vile can remember the exact date he became a fan of Charli: the same day he released his latest album, April 2022 (Watch my moves). “She played in a shop in Rough Trade East London and had her poster all over the front door,” he wrote in a statement. “I came home the next morning to hear my office talk Crashes CD over and over again (through Discman, naturally!)”

Vile shares his love for Charli with his two daughters, 13-year-old Oilda and 10-year-old Delphine, who provide backing vocals for his performance of “Reprise”. As you might expect, the hackneyed bandleader tweaks a looping dance-pop number into a folk jam, even with some shoehorn-inspired guitar. It just looks really cool, and having his kids have fun only makes it even more awesome.


“There’s only one Charlie and I can’t touch her version, we can just try and honor,” Weil continued. “Charlie is our best.” We will not argue with that. Stream Vile’s cover of “Constant Repeat” via Amazon Music, below.

Earlier this month, Vile shared a heartfelt tribute to the late Rob Laakso, who was a longtime member of The Violators as well as the Swirlies shoemakers.

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