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Succession Sees Roy Brothers Take Hollywood Away In ‘Living +’

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Succession, Season 4 Episode 6, “Living+.”]

They jumped out of a plane near LAX with a dream and their dead father’s jacket: Succession He brought the action back to the West Coast this week, as this season’s adventures begin for the first time. Kendall, Roman, and Shiv prepare to give an investor presentation, which includes presenting one of the final projects their late father was involved in, the retirement community known as Living+ that he feels pulled out of an episode of black mirror.

Speaking of Logan, the episode starts off as close to scary as we can get Succession; Simple fools we would rejoice and tweet with glee that we would never see this man’s face again. Archival footage of Logan discussing Live+ against a green screen is a jarring start, and it’s not long before Past Logan rips his “stupid kids” apart. Just like the good old days!


While Kendall and Roman are ultimately ebullient about the possible “tech angle” of Living+, essentially hinting that society could one day guarantee eternal life, Lucas Mattson is less than thrilled. No matter how flashy and IP-friendly, retirement communities are outdated; They’re boring. It is not scalable. He doesn’t like it, and is sure to tell Shiv that, as he crosses from his private plane into hers on the tarmac. Barefoot Such a troubled divorced person he is. “The Girl on the Inside” and “The Boy on the Outside” are as unsettling as they are delicious for viewers; Maybe Alexander Skarsgård really can have chemistry with anyone, but seeing him verbally spar with Sarah Snoke is fun.

Elsewhere, Chef and Tom, two very ordinary people who certainly have functional and healthy ways of communicating, are having fun perhaps more than ever. The truth is, psychosexual games are their love language, and this chapter is, oddly enough, the closest thing to Tom and Chief’s version of love we’ve seen on screen: they seem more into each other than they did before their wedding. .

Dancing around each other in a sinister game of cat and mouse is the honeymoon stage. please, please Go ahead if you or someone you know knows someone who has challenged their partner to a game of “muscle.” (There has never been a dull season Successionbut these writers have been firing on all cylinders lately).



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