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Marine Tondelaire (EELV) wants ‘one candidate’ left for 2027

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Marine Tondelier doesn’t endorse a single list of Nupes for next year’s Europeans, but she pleads “One Candidate Left and the Environmentalists of 2027”.EELV’s national secretary said in an interview with “Journal du dimanche” on April 30.

“First, say it plain and simple: We will have one candidate from the left and the environmentalists in 2027. We propose to create a Goodwill Co-Op in the coming weeks to play the role of the 2027 Campaign Committee»explains the environmental official, referring to “The widest possible framework, which binds, on an equal footing, political parties, associations, trade unions, citizen groups and artists…”

sequel after announcement

“Primaries for the Applause Meter”

Marine Tondeleire defends it “cooperative” suggest ” road “ to nominate this candidate. but It is clear that the hard-liners’ applause primaries in recent years have not brought happiness to those who used them, whatever their political camp.indicate.

The anti-Melenchon left believes in its future

“If in the next four years the controversy boils down to ‘Mélenchon, stop or else’, it will be a failure.”argues the environmental leader, arguing that the candidate candidate must present Capabilities of Union, Appeasement, and Dialogue.

“To break out of the masculine rivalries of the past, it may be time to trust a woman.”and adds.

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