Home Politics With a total of 7,493 euros per month, deputies are among the top 3% of the highest paid French

With a total of 7,493 euros per month, deputies are among the top 3% of the highest paid French

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Despite the leakage since the 2000s, deputies are still at the top of the income ladder: they are now part of the best-paid 3% of French people, while they belonged to the luckiest 1% some time ago. Twenty years, according to a new study by the Public Policy Institute.

Representatives as Senators receive a monthly allowance totaling €7,493 per month, in line with the treatment of senior officials in the Council of State. This compensation is allowed “All citizens, regardless of their social status, to be able to exercise the mandate” and this is “The price of independence and dignity of office”highlights the National Assembly website.

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Ciprian, physical education teacher at 93, for 2,200 euros: “My job is more than being a social worker”

Since its inception in 1789, Parliamentary compensation has been the subject of fierce and regular criticism., recall sociologist Etienne Ollion and jurist Eric Pogue, authors of the study. Since 1914, they have sought to quantify “actual compensation” Representatives, by deducting costs related to the mandate (permanence of the House of Representatives, collaborators, etc.). During the 20th century, this real level reached between 3 and 5 times the average worker’s wage.

“The case of a salaried CEO”

And between 1945 and the end of the 1990s, the parliamentary subsidy placed MPs among the top 1% of French earners.

In detail, the revaluation of the civil service point increased this bonus until the 1960s, and then another mechanism was activated: the association gradually took over costs such as staff wages, travel and computer costs. This indirectly increased the real income of the deputies.

In Vincent’s company, everyone sets their salary: “I could have asked for 106,000 euros, but I don’t need it.”

But since the 2000s, it has seen that income “big drop”That reduced parliamentarians from the rank of 1% to the rank of the 3% of the highest paid French, according to the authors of the study. Because the pay after that “Linked to the indicator point (for civil servants) only, without the possibility of additional support for their expenses”. In addition, the lack of a backlog of states since 2017 has limited other sources of income.

The authors relate what it looks like to develop the mandate of the deputy himself “Less and less for a liberal career” And more and more “to salaried executive status”with similar end-of-term unemployment insurance, a common law pension plan, and stricter ethics rules.

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