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The May Day demonstrations, the conflict in Sudan, the left thinking about European women… Five things to remember from this weekend

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Did you catch the news in the past two days? Ops » It gives you a summary of the key information to remember from April 29th and 30th.

Unions are hoping for a “massive” crowd on May 1

If, three months after the start of the movement against pension reform, the government still hopes to breathe, organizations intend to make next May 1 a new demonstration of defiance. For the first time since 2009, an inter-engineering organization invites people to join one of the 300 parades organized in France for International Workers’ Day.

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Joint unions: together, how far?

“It will be a family celebration.”promised Sophie Binet, General Secretary of the CGT, confirming that the Paris parade would be “a certain size” with attendance trade unionists from all over the world in support. Laurent Berger, who announced his departure from the CFDT Secretariat on June 21, told him that he hoped “A great popular celebration over 64 years for the dignity of the world of work”.

On the pensions front, the executive is still trying to regain control. After the first failure of the debates on 5 April, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne announced that she intended to invite trade union organizations after 1 May. For us, the mobilization to reform the pension system has not ended. Simon Dotel, General Delegate of the Solidere union, reacted this weekend. “It all depends, of course, on the purpose and format of this meeting.”Sophie Binet said. Laurent Berger told him this Sunday: “If we have an invitation, we’ll go and discuss.”and this is in the form you decidebut with preconditions “In terms of methodology and thematic issues”. The unions must meet on May 2.

The arrival of the first humanitarian plane to Sudan

Violent clashes between the Sudanese army and paramilitary forces resumed Sunday in Khartoum, as a fragile three-day truce, which was not respected on the ground, is about to expire.

Millions of Sudanese have been trapped in bombing and anti-aircraft fire since a power struggle erupted on April 15 between the army of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, commander of the Rapid Support Forces. FSR), especially the feared paramilitaries.

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Clashes and French evacuation… What we know about the situation in Sudan

In this tense context, the first humanitarian plane landed in Port Sudan on Sunday. Loaded with eight tons of aid, including surgical equipment, she should be able to To treat 1,500 patients.According to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

For doctors in Sudan, it is necessary above all to restore water and electricity and remove fighters who occupy certain institutions. Workarounds are also needed for the 15 bombed-out hospitals and teams to take over from doctors who sometimes haven’t stopped working for two weeks.

The left is thinking of the joint lists in the upcoming elections

For Maren Tondelaer, national secretary for ecology in Europe – the Greens, it’s not. She does not endorse the popular Nupes list for the 2024 European elections. We will have one candidate left and environmentalists in 2027.”

But for the rebel MP François Ruffin, there is a common list of Europeans. It will be the only way to match and surpass the national rally.”He said on BFMTV on Sunday.

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François Ruffin is one of the figures often cited for embodying the left’s candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, especially since Jean-Luc Mélenchon seemed to describe him in a tweet: “Francois is ready. Forward!”.

Toulouse win the French Football Cup

The Stade de France, on Saturday evening, was adorned with yellow and violet, the colors of Nantes and Toulouse, opposing in the Coupe de France final under the eyes of Emmanuel Macron, in a tense social context and under security vigilance, but without excess. Toulouse FC finally won 5-1, after scoring two new goals in the second half.

But this meeting was also in the spotlight for non-sporting reasons: for two days, the movement protesting pension reform was invited to the pre-match match, prompting the authorities to review the protocol and organize security. The reaction of the 78,000 spectators to Emmanuel Macron’s arrival was particularly scrutinized, but the latter did not take to the grass before the match as is sometimes the norm.

White March for Little Rose

Hundreds of people paid tribute to Rose’s memory on Saturday, during a whitewashed march organized in Rampervilliers (Vogue), the town of 5,000 where the 5-year-old was murdered on Tuesday 25 April. Dozens of bouquets of flowers and pictures were placed on this occasion in front of the family’s house, according to the journalists present on the spot.

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The rally took place on Saturday in Remprevilliers. (Frederic Florin/AFP)

The body of the little girl was found Tuesday in a plastic bag in an apartment in the town, a few hours after her parents reported her missing to the police.

After two days in police custody, on Thursday, April 27, a 15-year-old boy, who was charged with rape of a minor last year, was indicted for the murder of a minor under the age of 15 and placed in remand by the liberties and arrest judge.

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