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The Beverly Hills Hotel, a history full of Hollywood stars

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On her red carpet, she showed off all of Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Warren Beatty, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gartner… No address in the world can rival the Beverly Hills Hotel Guest Book! Within its walls, legendary roles in productions that have gone down in history have been handed out, couples have formed and parted: with a meltdown and plenty of drama, you’re in Hollywood, here, we don’t disintegrate in silence. Diamond necklaces and high heels must fly in the air! Always in the same place, we drop the mask, its ego, to make way for the normal. Welcome to The Beverly Hills Hotel, accommodation in the heart of the star system.


Staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel means capturing a portion of the seventh art and aura of the stars. Besides, if there is a place in the world that you can chance upon, it is here! New icons of cinema and platforms are always attracted by the Five Stars who know how to welcome them with pomp and simplicity. Once they cross the famous red carpet, they savor the pleasure of stepping between two worlds, like ordering a salad for $1,912, of course! Prendre the petit-déjeuner in a petit coin cuisine – the Fountain Coffee – où les coudes du voisin se frottent aux vôtres, faute de place, où l’odeur des omelettes-bacon et autres pancakes abreuvent vos narines, c’est le bon endroit also !

© Beverly Hills Hotel

Behind this big gap, we especially want to send a message to guests that this is not a sterile hotel, but a home, where we cultivate closeness, authenticity, and good nature. And it’s been working since 1912!

When you are the guest of this house and you belong to the Unknown, you will immediately feel this coexistence, this detachment. The hotel, which baptized Beverly Hills even before the California city with that name even existed, seems to be flowing from the sources. We’re both in Beverly Hills without ever being there. In the world of business, we’re rediscovering the joy of idling away from the turmoil abroad.

© Beverly Hills Hotel

The palace harbors a haven of tranquility in the air of false Eden with its endless lush garden. There are roses, ferns, vines, and nearly 180 different types of plants, including climbers, that adorn the walls so well.

If it weren’t for the many palm trees surrounding the property, you’d think you were somewhere in Costa Rica or Southern Italy. Lose yourself for hours strolling, sniffing the flowers and then lounging on your lounger near the gorgeous pool while sipping on the best cocktails and cocktails. This pool is a “character” in itself!

© Beverly Hills Hotel

Katharine Hepburn dives into it once she’s fully clothed. As for the Beatles, they organized their own concert there. Leonard Bernstein, for his part, found inspiration in the legendary musical title West Side Story.

You might also have a great idea by taking a shower right away. In the meantime, one thing is for sure: you will have an unforgettable time wading in the most famous swimming pool in the world.

a look

Dubbed the “Pink Palace,” the hotel has weathered decades in style. Stripes, light green carpeting, wallpaper laden with banana leaves, powder pink, gold… An unlikely yet devilishly harmonious combination. Every corner of The Beverly Hills Hotel is an invitation to revisit the colossal art of the 1920s and the vintage style of years gone by. 210 rooms and suites including 23 unique bungalows attached to famous former boarders (Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, etc.) welcome today’s visitors into their padded cocoons. It literally seems like time has stopped.

© Beverly Hills Hotel

There are few clues that remind you of modernity like Bang & Olufsen flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, air conditioning…

Wherever you look, luxury can be guessed through in the solid wood furniture, Italian marble lining the bathroom, signature plush bedding, bronze light fixtures, and rich minibar. The hotel’s famous motto is expressed in these terms: ” Our guests deserve the best, whatever the cost! He is still alive as ever. Take the test of making an extravagant request to the hotel concierge in the middle of the night and it’s just a formality.

for your fantasies!

© Beverly Hills Hotel

A thousand experiences

There is so much to do, to explore in this emblematic residence of Hollywood’s golden age. Starting with the Polo Lounge, an establishment open from breakfast to last drink at dinner. Beware of its relaxed atmosphere. Here you deal with industry kingmakers who love typical Californian cuisine, preparation, and passionate staff service. A canteen where it is nice to sit down to eat ‘salad meals’.

© Beverly Hills Hotel

A trip to the spa is a must, just to get a closer look at the beauty rituals of movie stars. Inspired by the surrounding flora and fauna, this hideaway hidden behind thick foliage has everything an oasis has to offer. Bathed in natural light, the spa carved from precious materials is a true gem of measure (im) for its guests who have made their well-being a rule in life. Thermal treatments, organic manicures and pedicures, a massage menu to satisfy all your desires, diamond facials … You have access to the cream of protocols dispensed by a carefully selected team.

© Beverly Hills Hotel

We continue to dive into the world of Andy Warhol at Bar Nineteen12, referring to the year the establishment opened. On the pretext of having a drink, this time we offer ourselves to plunge into one of the largest private collections in the world of images of the pop art leader.

© Beverly Hills Hotel

As for movie buffs, they regularly meet at the “pool” for the traditional screening of movies under the stars. Great classics and the latest box office hits alternate every month. Coming soon, the Oscar-winning musical La La Land (May 10), ignorant (June 7), Trouble Beverly Hills (20 September) and Some like it hot (25 October).

On the way back you take with you many memories, but above all you remember the “home” spirit that pervades this legendary hotel.

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United States of America
Tel: +60 424 421 400

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