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François Ruffin calls for a common list in the 2024 European elections

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Rebel MP François Ruffin demanded again on Sunday 30 April for a joint list of the left in the 2024 European elections, despite the rejection of the Europe Ecologie – Les Verts (EELV) which considers it better to aim for a single presidential candidacy. 2027 elections.

“I hope that we will succeed in obtaining a joint candidacy for the Europeans, which will be the only way to match and surpass the national rally”he said on BFMTV. “What separates us becomes less important. We talk about disobedience in a number of matters, they talk about exceptions.” He said some European rules.

sequel after announcement

Marine Tondelaire (EELV) wants ‘one candidate’ left for 2027

And the national secretary of the EELV, Marine Tondeleire, had considered Sunday in an interview with “JDD” that the left should aim for a joint candidacy for the 2027 presidential elections and agree to leave in a discontinuous arrangement for the Europeans. Differences with rebel France (LFI) highlighted on “The Relationship with China and Ukraine and European Defense”.

Rovin 2027?

François Ruffin is one of the figures often cited for embodying the left’s candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, especially since Jean-Luc Mélenchon seemed to describe him in a tweet: “Francois is ready. Forward!”.

Mélenchon gives Ruffin the go-ahead: “François is ready”

The viceroy of the Somme was again cautious, emphasizing that victory would only come at home “equipped”.

“The question I ask myself is how do we manage to be strong enough, strong enough on the left to swing things in our favour. How does the anger that takes hold in the country lead to hope?”did he say. “It was won as a team and in the team there is a captain”he added.

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