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Financial Results | Safran Helped Resume Air Traffic | Orange confirms its goals for 2023

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News ➡ Safran reports strong growth thanks to the recovery in air traffic | the driver saffron reported a 29.4% increase in revenue in the first quarter of 2023, thanks Resumption of global air traffic and one Strong request spare parts for Civil aircraft engines. sales LEAP ENGINES It increased by 53% in one year and the “checkout” business saw sales jump by 39.8%. Supply chain difficulties remain a concern for the company, which plans to complete the acquisition from Aubert And Duvall in the weekend. The “equipment and defense” activity increased by 14.6% and the “internal aircraft” activity by 42.8%.

No. Today ➡ 10.62 billion euros | orange It recorded a slight increase of 1.3% in turnover in the first quarter 10.62 billion euros. the Tariff increase in Europe And the region Africa And The Middle East were the main drivers of growth. Total operating surplus after rents (Ebitdaal) increased by 0.5% to €2.59 billion. Orange confirms its goals for 2023, which is a slight increase in Ebitdaal and an organic cash flow of at least €3.5 billion. However, revenue decreased by 1.8% FranceWhile sales in Europe jumped 3.8%. The sales volume of the branch dedicated to companies, Orange Business, fell slightly by 0.7% and plans to cut about 670 jobs in France. On the other hand, the turnover rate totem, Orange Europe, grew 8.1%. Finally, the affiliate orange Bank It had 3.1 million customers at the end of March 2023, but its future is subject to the strategic thinking process.

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