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The final of Nantes and Toulouse under tension at the Stade de France, Macron will not go down on the grass

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An eventful evening in perspective in Saint-Denis: In the French football cup final, defending champions Nantes will face Toulouse at the Stade de France against the backdrop of social tensions and under tight security on Saturday, April 29.

78,000 spectators are expected in the cordoned-off Ile-de-France. The confirmed arrival of Emmanuel Macron raises tensions after several months of social movement against pension reform. So much so that the head of state did not plan to go down onto the lawn to greet the players, as is sometimes customary. Nor will he hand over the trophy to the winner from the grass, as was the custom three years ago and the Covid crisis. His entourage told Franceinfo that he would simply greet the players before they entered the turf.

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The cup will also be presented in the stands to prevent it from falling “invasion” Earth, Police Prefect Laurent Nunez decided. If I hadn’t made this decision, I might have been called irresponsible.estimated on Saturdays on BFMTV.

Finally, the rally around the stadium was authorized

The Federation of Seine-Saint-Denis has announced that it intends to distribute 30,000 red cards and 10,000 whistles to the spectators, so that they can express their opposition to pension reform and their dissatisfaction with the head of state. The Paris Police Headquarters initially ruled that all gatherings be banned, a decision that was reversed “flagrant” By CGT General Secretary Sophie Binet. “I regret that we no longer even have the right to distribute documents and publications. It is a serious attack on public liberties (…), unprecedented as far as I know.”She said.

The ban order was permanently suspended on Saturday at the end of the day by the administrative court, as it was lifted in summary proceedings by several unions and associations. ” In his decision, the judge acknowledged that this distribution does not pose any threat to the safety of people.He responded to the “Parisian” Marion Orgier, lawyer of the Human Rights League, the Judicial Union, the Bar Association of France and the Solidere Syndicate in this case.

In any case, the meeting will be retransmitted by France Télévisions Faithful to what will happen on the field.The group confirmed to AFP, following concerns from CGT about a “live censorship” If there are whistles. For its part, the National Association of Supporters (ANS) filed a request with the Administrative Court Removing the nets under the standspointing to a ” Danger “ with this device.

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Mobilization of 3,000 policemen and gendarmes

About 3,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilized on Saturday evening near the Ile-de-France region. device “50% more important”According to the entourage of the Minister of the Interior, who gathered on May 28, 2022 for the Champions League final, which is the last meeting between the disputed clubs in this stadium located north of Paris, which turned into chaos.

The actors at the meeting, however, struggle to disguise this social context, especially as the groups of radical supporters of the two teams maintain strained relations.

“I think we can’t ignore them because they will be very present, but we have to keep in touch with what we need to do on the field and in our performance.”Toulouse coach Philippe Montagnier explained on Friday. “I just hope everything goes well.”added his Nantes counterpart Antoine Compoir. “Football fans come to watch a great game”.

The meeting is historic: Nantes have won the cup only four times, and Toulouse only once, in 1957. Victory in this 106th edition will give them a ticket to next season’s Europa League.

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