Home Politics Tactical communications against urban rodeos are “absolutely prohibited,” recalls Nunez.

Tactical communications against urban rodeos are “absolutely prohibited,” recalls Nunez.

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Reconquest Chief Speech! Eric Zemmour for Saleh “tactical connection” against urban rodeo, a method used by some police officers in England to arrest offenders by running them over with their car, “totally irresponsible”Referee on Wednesday, April 26, Laurent Nunez.

“If a policeman was caught clubbing for no reason and they were punished immediately, that would be great for more than one person.”

“You can’t fight an urban rodeo […] Without support and without litigation it does not exist »Paris police prefect announced on Franceinfo. However, he noted that the connections are “totally forbidden”.

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“Some say taking charge on principle is dangerous, and we refuse to do so, but there can be no connection.”Laurent Nunez insisted.

Complaint targeting Zemmour

On Sunday, the former presidential candidate announced himself “favorable to what the English have been doing for a few months, what they call tactical contact”which conditionally authorizes the police to crash into the vehicle being pursued to fight an urban rodeo.

“I support changing the law and doing like the English”He had insisted, emphasizing “that this kind of activity has been greatly reduced in England”.

Eric Zemmour responded to the indictment of a police officer suspected of ramming a motorcycle driven by three teenagers, who were injured in the crash, on April 13 in Paris with a service vehicle, and then amended his version of the facts.

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Shortly before midnight, at twentyH In the capital, a police car chased a motorcycle carrying three minors, ages 17, 14 and 13, including one without a helmet, before it fell.

The lawyer for the families of the three injured men was a.H Aryeh Alimi, who filed a complaint on Monday, consulted by AFP, for his “apology for attempted murder and provocation that was not followed by murder.”

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