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Rejection of tax increases, disputed by the Great Doctrine

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It is an intangible red line drawn by supporters of the Macrons: raising taxes to fill state coffers, this is an anomaly. “Whatever it takes” and record deficits didn’t change that. His name is Bruno Le Maire, the guardian of the temple. “Where’s the French Glade?” he asked in September. The answer is clear: “Not on taxes, we already do a lot of taxes.”

The Minister of Economy and Finance does not lack succession. At the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron and his Secretary General Alexis Koehler are on exactly the same line. “We have no room for maneuver, neither in terms of taxation nor in terms of the public deficit.”, the president emphasized at the beginning of last academic year. Hence the urgent need, in his view, to reform the pension system or insurance against unemployment.

sequel after announcement

But cutting public spending may not be enough. And voices began to appear even within the majority to demand a fundamental increase in taxes. In the name of balanced budgets and financial justice.

Interview with François Hollande: His Plan to Tax the Super Rich

Within a few months, the MDF proposed a tax on super dividends, and then an increase in CSG on capital income. without result. But the Center Party is not giving up, not least through the voice of its leader in the National Assembly, Jean-Paul Mattei:

“We must also make the capital contribute at a fair level. Bruno Lemerre has a lot of talent, but I disagree with him on this point.”

The heart of the macarons also began to be imitated. Jean Pisani-Ferry, one of the architects of the En Marche! In 2017, he didn’t say anything else in Le Monde on February 25: The question of direct debt inevitably arises. » As one of the Head of State’s oldest traveling companions:

It would be political madness to continue to say that there will be no tax increases in the coming years. Otherwise, macroism will not be pragmatic, but rather dogmatic. »

For it is in fact the heart of macroism that this doctrine attacks. This great tendency carries the value of labor as a banner but “at the same time” bases its policy financing mainly – or even entirely – on labour.

France, the “tax haven” for billionaires

But those who were hoping for a U-turn will be at their expense. The announced reduction in inheritance tax? She was never buriedjust summoned Olivier Ferrand, the government spokesman, on April 18th on France-Info. We’ve cut taxes since 2017, it’s our political DNA. »

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