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Putting soft skills at the center of JE(u)

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Are soft skills a victim of their success? In any case, it is remarkable to what extent this concept, which many struggle to define, unleashes emotions, enthusiasm and caricature. However, it is important to emphasize one thing. Soft skills cannot be reduced to this “buzz word” that many are talking about.

Let’s start by trying to give a simple and accessible definition. Soft skills are actually a set of non-technical skills, abilities, behaviors and attitudes that characterize each of us within his organization, company and environment. They are what will enable us, in our daily professional and personal lives, to manage, design and participate in the emergence of a culture of collaboration and progress.

or profiles Soft skills It is much more difficult to define and define than the academic skills they are put into biography But it is no less important, and as necessary as the first, those that can be called “technical”. Soft skills are, in a way, that cement that will unite and unite teams around a project, a shared dynamic.

They are still the ones who will make the difference between two identical profiles on paper: same studies, similar professional background, etc. Differentiation whose aim is not to create a hierarchy but rather to promote an informed choice for all parties. Soft skills are what make it possible to distinguish and differentiate each person. By drawing specifically on the stories and beliefs that characterize them as individuals.

For a better self-knowledge

Because behind the idea of ​​soft skills, it is the question of good knowledge and self-awareness that arises rather than purely those skills. In fact, whoever you are, you can learn anything you want, know and master all the tools you can, it’s all pointless if you don’t start with knowing yourself.

But how do we proceed with the subject of awareness and self-knowledge going forward? Because once this essential step is taken, everyone will be able to advance their professional practice. In particular by sorting or erasing certain things or replacing other things. This is the process, this approach that everyone must integrate in order to be able to fully exploit their personal skills; To make it an asset in serving self, company, profession, and leadership.

Awareness and training

If I know who I am, it allows me to face the truth and develop a set of basic skills, abilities, and attitudes such as tolerance or a sense of community. Knowing who I am is also an opportunity to greatly develop self-esteem, and to be aware of one’s own qualities as well as weaknesses or flaws. It is facing the truth, realizing and accepting the responsibility that rests with me.

On the company side, identifying and knowing the soft skills of its employees is also about making sure everyone is put in the right place within the organization. With the right tasks and the right responsibilities. It also means being able to identify those missing and include recruitment or training.

In a world where everything is accelerating, sometimes chaotically, both the company and the employee must learn to change as quickly as change. This always includes soft skills ensuring responsible and committed employees; Functional, agile and robust organizations because they rely not only on technical knowledge but also and above all on a deeply human and “social” intelligence, which distinguishes us – ad aeternam (?) – from artificial intelligence.

Tribune writes Delphine Rosette, Director of Osalys and Founder of Soft Akademy – Professional Trainer and Supervisor – Psychotherapist at Gestalt

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