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The state completely abandons the ban on demonstrations

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On Thursday, April 27, the state surrendered to prevent demonstrations against Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in the Doubs region, where the President of the Republic must celebrate, during the day, the abolition of slavery.

Where does the movement of pans come from?

Doubs Prefect Jean-François Colombet issued a decree on Tuesday banning demonstrations between 9 am and 4 pm this Thursday in the town of La Clos-et-Migaux, where the head of state is expected to be at midday. The aforementioned decree in particular “The Importance of the Terrorist Threat on National Territory”.

sequel after announcement

This decree was the subject of three appeals of the temporary release before the Administrative Court of Besançon, which was to hear it Thursday morning in open session.

“Saucepan party”

But the governor eventually decided to withdraw his decree, the court announced in an email sent to AFP. “The withdrawal is considered retroactive, the decree of April 25 did not exist (…) the applicants who won their case”e-mail says.

As with every trip by the President of the Republic and his ministers since the announcement of a hotly contested pension reform, a demonstration is planned near the Château de Joux, where Emmanuel Macron is headed, even if access to the castle that overlooks the area in the rocky Joura is to be had. Block the protesters.

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

CGT du Doubs has already announced that the inter-union of Pontarlier will give “Concert in cauldrons at the foot of the Château de Joux”. “Plan something to make noise to make people hear that 64 is still not!” »The union said in an appeal to its members and supporters.

On Tuesday, the Administrative Court of Orleans blocked a similar decision by the Prefect of Loire-et-Cher banning any demonstration during Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Vendôme, even though the visit of the head of state was in progress.

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