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The RSA payout will be contingent on 15 to 20 hours of activity, Borne stresses

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“Either Martin Hirsch did not understand, or he pretended not to understand.” Called on the morning of Thursday 27 April, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne responded to the former director of the AP-HP, who considered the government’s planned RSA reform to be “social regression”.

To “enable” or “support” or “punish”, RSA recipients are in the crosshairs

Full Employment Bill, which will be debated in the National Assembly “before summer”, provides for conditioning paying allowance for 15 to 20 hours of activity. An item that Martin Hirsch considers likely “Converting the beneficiary into a worker without rights”.

sequel after announcement

“mutual commitment contract”

“What we want is to allow all RSA beneficiaries to find a job”the prime minister knocked on the Telematine group he mentioned “Contract of Mutual Obligation of Rights and Duties” This confirmed 15 to 20 hours of activity for all rights holders, “except in special cases” Like the need to take care of children. Before proceeding:

“It’s not about making them work without pay, it’s about letting them discover trades and training if needed. That’s the 15 to 20 hours we’re talking about.”

The device has already been tested on “about twenty sections”. Launched in April in 18 departments (Seine-Saint-Denis decided to opt out of the process), it concerns nearly 40,000 recipients.

Elisabeth Bourne demonstrates the RSA project for candidate Macron

On the Youth Employment Contract Form, the recipients sign a contract with rights and obligations, and undertake to pursue 15 to 20 hours of weekly activity (training, coaching, immersion period in the company, workshop for a personal evaluation …). According to Elizabeth Bourne, this process is intended to be circulated to all 1.8 million active solidarity income recipients.

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