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The executive authority postpones the text because there is no majority

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The executive branch is stalling. Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne announced Wednesday, April 26, that the immigration bill required by Emmanuel Macron will eventually not be introduced immediately, due to a lack of a majority, delaying a hypothetical text with vague outlines until the autumn.

“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

“Today, there is no majority to vote on such a text, as I was able to verify yesterday by speaking to Republican officials.”she said, showing her roadmap.

sequel after announcement

To prove that the executive branch is working on this “priority” Mobilization was announced without waiting for an act “As of next week.” to “150 more policemen and gendarmes in the Alps-Maritimes” to do “In the face of increasing migratory pressures at the Italian border”.

immigration “If we can’t find universal agreement, we will anyway submit a text in the fall, with efficiency as our one compass.”did she say.

“100 days”

Moreover, for “100 days”Elizabeth Bourne announced that Bill “green industry” Will be presented mid May. “This is the meaning of the decarbonization roadmap for key industrial sectors and the top 50 carbon emitting sites”I explained.

As promised to get “More equitable distribution of the wealth produced by corporations” It has been set for the next three months for debate in Parliament “From the draft law transferring the agreement between the social partners on the sharing of value”.

sequel after announcement

Immigration, climate, inflation… Bourne unveils ‘100 days’ roadmap to executive power

The Prime Minister also called businesses “to work collectively to raise wages”.

I proposed on environmental issues “personal support” For the thermal renewal of housing. When asked about her commitment not to use Article 49.3 outside the text of the budget, the head of government said she was confident that the majority would find text in text, adding that it was her “objective”.

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