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Salaries of top managers, purchasing power … Macron was arrested by the French during a visit to countries

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Pensions, purchasing power, health: Emmanuel Macron spoke at length to the population during a sudden stop at a market on Thursday, April 27 in Dole, in the Jura, while his opponents were waiting for him further, in Doubs, on a trip dedicated to the abolition of slavery.

And the head of state was greeted, as on every field visit since the adoption of the pension reform, with a concert of pots and whistles. He chatted with the attendees, though some of the exchanges were lively and direct.

sequel after announcement

Macron admits he must “swallow” more on pensions and “re-engage in the public debate”

“I am in touch. Why? To hear the difficulties of the French. To have new ideas, to feel what is understood, what is not understood.”he said in front of passers-by. “And also to be able to deal with anger, but to do so in an artificially disorganized way.”justified himself, the judge “Useless” Transfers “Where everything is arranged because it goes so well and where everything is arranged because it goes so badly.”.

Rising prices, a difficult end to the month, and a small retirement dominated the stock exchanges, with occasional personal spikes. “Everything is very expensive. There are people who are starving.”A bystander fired, adding: “Company car-free residences, we don’t all have that, huh”.

Macron is “shocked” by the salaries of some CEOs

A shopkeeper complained about being there Retired and still working. Another woman adds: “We don’t live on 1,000 euros a month.”. “For 1,200 euros, I don’t get up at 4 in the morning”disturbed a passer-by. Another gets angry at shop heads: When are we going to stop letting these people line their pockets?He said. “It shocks everyone. I am shocked too.”admitted in contrast Emmanuel Macron, comments “Aberrations” Like we She can no longer explain it to people..

Macron & Co.: Until when?

Emmanuel Macron cited tax cuts, repeal of the housing tax, energy check or small pension increase with his hotly contested pension reform. charges, “We haven’t stopped toning them down, they’ve already been yelled at.”he argued. “Now we have to succeed in re-creating a wage dynamic… It is not the government that can do that.”He appealed to return the ball to the camp of social dialogue.

sequel after announcement

Astrid Panossian, MEP for the Renaissance: Casseroles ‘do not represent the majority of the French people’

Former local representative of the yellow vests, Fabrice Schlegel, also vigorously challenged the F.C ‘massive deficit’there ” public expenditure “accusing him of having it “Killing the job of local hospital and medicine” and say “a lot of shit”. “You smoked for five years.”charged. “I’m still funny […] You’re asking me for more expenses.”replied the chief, demurring with which personalities his interlocutor would agree with.

Dubbs County lifted the ban on demonstrations

At the same time, between 200 and 300 demonstrators were waiting for Emmanuel Macron near Pontarlier, at the expense of a few grappled by a cordon of gendarmes more than a kilometer from the place of the speech. Equipped with banners, frying pans and loudspeakers, they had previously blocked motorists hoping to slow down the passage of the head of state, France 3 Conteh notes.

Dubbs County issued an order banning demonstrations between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm this Thursday due to the “significance of the terrorist threat on national territory.” before finally giving up.

“They stop people, they discourage people from walking, I think that’s the point.”Pascal Millard, 62, retired from Enedis, testifies. “We have never seen a president who protects himself in this way and looks down on us so much.”Screamed.

Celine, 51, an elementary school teacher, explains a little: I came because I am against reforming the pension system, which would penalize women in particular. I had to walk 40 minutes to get here. These measures […] It’s disproportionate: we’re not terrorists, we just want to be heard”she apologises.

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