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Joaquin Phoenix stars in a fierce first look at CinemaCon

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LAS VEGAS — Even with Denzel Washington and Jennifer Lawrence in attendance, the biggest star of CinemaCon’s first night turned out to be a notorious French military commander.

First images of director Ridley Scott’s new war movie “Napoleon” (in theaters November 22), starring Academy Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix (“Joker,” “Beau Afried”) as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, were revealed Monday night in front of huge crowd . At the annual conference of theater and studio owners. Vanessa Kirby (“The Crown”) plays Empress Josephine.

Sony Chairman Tom Rothman called Phoenix’s portrayal of the historical figure “mercurial” and said the film is expected to have a “strong theatrical window” around Thanksgiving ahead of its Apple TV+ premiere.

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The epic and awe-inspiring spectacle saw the combined Russian and Austrian armies overrun the French army camp, despite Napoleon’s call for an attack and the concealment of his cannons. From a height and as the snow falls on the gray battlefield, the figure of the Phoenix calmly sends waves of his soldiers and horses at their enemies, surprising them and driving them back.

But this is where the real carnage begins: when the invaders are on top of the ice, cannonballs rain down on them, sending soldiers into bloody waters where some drown and others are violently torn apart.

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the stars of ‘Bad Boys 4’, are the main contestants

Sony’s CinemaCon presentation had a lot of power, starting with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to sending a video message from the set of “Bad Boys 4.” We’re thrilled,” Smith said of the project, which is entering its fourth week of shooting.

Jennifer Lawrence was in Las Vegas to give a preview of the upcoming movie “No Hard Feelings” (June 23) — “Jennifer is exceptional at an R-rated comedy,” said director Gene Staubnitsky. David Harbor and Orlando Bloom kicked off a trailer for the sports drama “Gran Turismo” (August 11). Harbor recalls his first idea was, “How are you going to make a movie out of a racing game?”

and Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney joked about “everyone but you.” The R-rated comedy just wrapped “hours ago” in Australia and is about “two people halfway around the world who hate each other.”

Denzel Washington received the CinemaCon Life Achievement Award

Rothman called Washington “a preternatural, imaginative, enduring talent” before rewarding him, while Antoine Fuqua, his director on “The Balance 3” (September 1), touched on recurring themes throughout the work. Washington: “A sense of dignity, honor, morality, commitment to what is right, and a determination to achieve it.”

Washington shouted out to the theater owners in his acceptance speech. He said, “We would be nothing without you all.” What we do means nothing if you are not here, without your homes. We are here for you, we are here thanks to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. »

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