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Bourne unveils its roadmap and legislative agenda for the coming months

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Regaining control after reforming the pension system and the social crisis. On Wednesday, April 26, from the Elysee, Elisabeth Bourne revealed a roadmap One hundred days of peace And “an act” issued by Emmanuel Macron until July 14, thus trying to turn the page on pension reform.

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And from the presidential palace, the Prime Minister, after presenting it to the cabinet table, announced the content of the government’s program for the coming weeks. This is what must be remembered, according to the four caps set by the Executive.

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• Work and full employment and re-manufacturing

Maintenance of customs shields on energy. Purchasing power “First concern” Of the French, confirmed Elizabeth Bourne. We will maintain the tariff shield and in June we will evaluate the anti-inflationary basket. We must also work collectively to raise wages. The government is taking it alone with a revaluation of the minimum wage to 1any May. »

A new social agenda. By July 14th “We want to build a new social agenda” With trade unions and employers’ organizations, Elizabeth Bourne, on A A new charter for working life.

salary increase negotiations. “Employers should participate in raising wages”As said by the Prime Minister, who requested new negotiations on upgrading the branches. Regarding the redistribution of value sharing, the threshold for eligible companies will be reduced from 50 employees to 11 employees.

Pôle Emploi was replaced by France Travail. A bill to introduce France Travail will finally be introduced at the beginning of June to allow for better support for the unemployed. We will also carry out guidance reforms in vocational secondary schools.she added.

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Environmental transition planning

Accelerate environmental planning. For the second part of her roadmap, Elizabeth Bourne mentioned the environmental transition. “The effects of climate change worry our citizens. To deal with this, we are deploying ambitious environmental planning. The next three months will be an opportunity for acceleration in all sectors and at all levels ”I promised.

France Renouf spread. A bill, already passed by the Senate, on a new management of forests will be brought before the National Assembly on May 15. Regarding thermal renewal, the Prime Minister announced the goal of opening a France Renov counter by the municipality.

Focus on the rail. ‘We want to lead this new railway deal’, as mentioned by Elisabeth Bourne in reference to the prevalence of RER projects in large cities. A plan should be prepared in consultation with local elected officials from the beginning of May. We’ll be launching a range of affordable, clean cars in the fall.With the aim of decarbonizing everyday transportation, “In accordance with Emmanuel Macron’s commitment”I continued.

The Green Industry Act introduced in May. During the month of June, we will give an overview. From the government’s energy and environment policy, before the ‘Energy and Climate’ bill to be introduced ” In the fall “, detailing Elizabeth Bourne. Finally, the Green Industry bill will be submitted in mid-May.

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• Advance community and public services

More trained nurses. At the beginning of the academic year, 2,000 additional places will be opened in nursing training institutes and 6,000 medical assistants will be hired to relieve general practitioners.

Unclog Emergencies. “On the legislative level, Parliament will discuss in June the Health and Territories Bill”added the Prime Minister. “We must provide universal access to care to find solutions without necessarily going to the emergency room.”as insisted by the Prime Minister, who would like to resolve the 15 emergency situations thanks.

Replacing teachers at short notice. In National Education, Elizabeth Bourne proposed a solution to alternatives. “From the beginning of the academic year 2023, short-term replacements will be made within the same institution.”She said. We will generalize support sessions in French and Mathematics in primary school. » The head of the executive body said the increase in teachers could reach 500 euros per month.

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The government will then Filling the deposit box to “Buying new homes had a hard time finding my takers.”. “We will continue to work for people with disabilities to build a more inclusive society.”

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Digital bill in early May. Elizabeth Bourne also announced a bill aimed at securing the digital space Beginning of May.

• Justice and the republican system

Immigration invoice deferred. “Combating illegal immigration is a priority of the government” but “There is no majority to vote for such a text, as I was able to verify by speaking with Republican officials.”conceded Elizabeth Bourne, who announced that the script would still be presented in the fall.

“Border force” on the Italian border. The prime minister also announced the mobilization of a new force on the Italian border. 150 More police and gendarmerie will be mobilized. a “Border Force” They will be deployed to the French-Italian border next week.

Accelerate justice. “Republicanism also means responding to the misunderstanding of the French in the face of a judicial system that they find too slow.”Elizabeth Bourne admitted. “We will start hiring 10,000 more staff, judges and clerks. We will give judges the ability to count on larger teams.” A bill to that effect will be introduced in June.

Fighting social and tax fraud. Faced with tax and social fraud, the CEO announced that the government would introduce a “scam plan”which provides in particular more targeted controls in the context of tax evasion.

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