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Born says the social partners are unwilling to negotiate the governance of unemployment insurance

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Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne on Thursday 27 April indicated that social partners “don’t want to take over” The issue of unemployment insurance governance that first appeared in the work of the Ministry of Labor.

“This is one of the topics that needs to be clarified, because a few months ago, there was a strong demand from trade unions and employers’ organizations. The last echo we can get is that they don’t want to take up this topic.” Elizabeth Bourne said during a meeting with the Association of Social Information Journalists (AGIS).

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“If that is the case, they will have to confirm it to us.”she added. “In this case, we also have to worry about starting negotiations and that we have a framework that is well in line with the rules for unemployment insurance.”while the existing rules run until the end of the year.

Negotiate to “better define the roles involved”

These negotiations on the governance of Unédic, a common scheme for unemployment compensation, as the state increasingly advocates itself, were among the projects of the Ministry of Labor presented in September 2022. “Better defining the roles of the government, parliament and the social partners”.

The initial idea was for the social partners to adopt this new governance before negotiating – as usual – a new compensation scheme that will be in effect from 2024.

According to the Prime Minister: “We will have to systematize the fact that these negotiations on the rules for unemployment insurance can take place in the social agenda”.

sequel after announcement

Compensation duration reduced by 25%

The government has previously announced that the issue of adjustment according to the economic situation “must be included” in these discussions. Since February 1, the compensation term for all job seekers who open rights has been reduced by 25%.

Since the 2018 law, the bargaining margins of the social partners have been restricted by “indicative letter” For the government which sets objectives (especially savings) to be achieved.

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