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Becoming a manager, a poisoned gift?

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It is interesting to note that becoming a manager in France is a kind of dedication. But for whom? contractor? Manager in the making? What if all this is just an illusion? What if the manager is extended with a deep desire to become a manager? Is management the only way to advance within the company? Many questions that overturn the very concept of management.

  1. Make sure that the future employee agrees to the process

Often during annual or semi-annual interviews, it is at this time that a promotion is offered by offering an administrative assignment. However, sometimes and with experience, we are faced with a reality that resists the end of the inadmissibility of becoming a manager. Is it poisonous? In fact, an employee who is unwilling to take the position is not incompetent. By expressing his disapproval, he/she is saying something completely different from his/her desires.

So the challenge in moving forward is to understand his approach: the feeling of illegality, the feeling of inadequacy, the desire to remain independent and alone … This is where the depth of the professional relationship makes people feel: is there enough authenticity to express the employee’s needs? Is there enough trust between the employee and his superiors? Is it to become a strong (manager) or not? If an employee does not want to project himself into a manager position, the challenge is sorting out the obstacles and fears he faces. In this case, two elements must be highlighted: the first to remove his obstacles/beliefs and the second to be reassured about the development of his career in the structure.

  1. Dwell on “soft skills”

Soft skills are still soft, but yes because in this manager position the individual will now find themselves supervising and growing their team. The idea is to focus on this human dimension and the skills inherent in it. Indeed, an expert technician who is good in his field of activity will not necessarily become a good manager, hence the importance of ensuring his interpersonal skills and dynamics in relationships within the group.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in a study Learning Compass 2030 or in the classification Acquiring 15 simple skills by 2025 » Done by the World Economic Forum, they both determine that the social and emotional dimension plays for more than 1/3 in this type of situation. Therefore, the first thing to consider is whether this social and emotional competence is present in the employee. Then the concept of empathy that will allow the manager to understand the feelings prevailing within his team, to question the unspeakable or even to understand the strengths and weaknesses of employees. The second is the ability to be responsible for one’s choices and to be in command. And finally, above all, tell yourself if the manager is in the process of setting up his “self-efficacy” with his ability to question himself. No, a good technologist will not necessarily make a good manager.

  1. Evolution training

If the request comes from an expert who wants access to a managerial position and that is obviously a bit tight… it is to give him the opportunity to train for the position and above all to understand all the issues of the latter. Today in an HR interview we see people asking for an “executive” position without really knowing it actually covers it. It is therefore necessary to give a good description of the content of the job duties.

You have to keep in mind that 60 to 80% of a manager’s job is people related, and then comes the technical skill. Becoming a manager sometimes means being promoted internally: what do you do with your former colleagues? What is the approved position? Therefore, supporting employees with internal guidance and control seems appropriate until everyone finds their place. In this specific case, also make sure the posture is comfortable. In general, the role of N+1 and/or HR is to ensure whether or not a situation can lead to suffering.

  1. What if this “expert employee” is finally recognized internally?

Would you fail in your career if you did not become a manager? This question comes off like a scud indicating an imaginary inability to become a manager. No, no and no, there is no career failure if an employee is left without a managerial assignment. A little kindness to yourself and others. It is essential to remember that some people do not want to be managers. And yes, not everyone necessarily wants to take on the responsibilities and oversee a team. This does not make them cheap or incompetent individuals. None of it has anything to do with a lack of ambition. Hence the importance of “Reputation Recovery” for our experts/employees.

Today, the company needs these free spirits who often work and see things too late. So the time has come to recognize it at its fair intellectual and financial value. Intellectual fair value: by giving them different career paths: becoming a “super expert”, becoming a coach, being cross-functional in the company, etc. Yes, because they are often the ones who know the domain (strengths and weaknesses) which unfortunately is little known and little heard of. Fair financial value, to finally get to know their expertise. Being a manager is not always a gift and sometimes it can be poison.

We’ve all seen or experienced it in our professional experiences, where a person who has been promoted to manager turns into a weak leader while in a position as a highly competent expert. Therefore, the important thing is to consider who is submitting the application (company or employee). It is also clear that future managers are often very good communicators. Will the place be reserved for those who know how to “sell themselves” and play company politics? Obviously, to be at the service of the individual rather than at the service of the organisation.

Let us remain convinced that an employee who chooses to remain in his area of ​​expertise does not necessarily lack ambition. In conclusion, becoming a manager is not strictly an upgrade but a reflection of will, profile and skill.

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