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Why Borne finally announced the delay in its immigration bill

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One of Elizabeth Bourne’s key announcements, on Wednesday, April 26, is not a measure but a text delay: the Immigration and Integration Bill. The Prime Minister explained this from the Elysée, while presenting the new government roadmap, as he recently organized “100 days” by decision of the Head of State:

“Today, there is no majority to vote for such a text, as I was able to verify yesterday by speaking to the Republican leaders. They still have to find a common line between the Senate and the National Assembly […] Around necessarily balanced text. »Immigration, climate, inflation… Bourne unveils ‘100 days’ roadmap to executive power

The damned relative majority, which forces you to find allies to adopt every text in parliament. He cursed the Republicans, who could not agree among themselves to help the government. And now the Prime Minister is forced to do so “Discussions continue to find a way around the bill.”. New scheduled landing date? ” In the fall. “

sequel after announcement

“Exchanges with LR officials completed”

For the time being, this provision follows the Way of the Cross, supposedly to speed up deportations to the border and to catch immigrants who work in a few professions. He is a very “simultaneously” macaronic person who has the good fortune to please neither the left nor the right, therefore.

In his March 22 television interview, Emmanuel Macron thought he had found a martingale, and announced that the bill would be “chopped off” in several texts “shorter”Discuss those “the coming weeks”. Thus, hoping for reinforcement from the left on the labor side and from the right on the immigration side.

Emmanuel Macron in “13 Hours” as if nothing had happened

Unfortunately, many, even within the majority, were indignant and demanded a complete and balanced text. First and foremost, Gerald Darmanin. The Minister of Interior demanded that the interviews be extended “strong text” from Return to Parliament’s agenda as soon as possible.. On the 24th of this April, facing the readers of the Parisien, the then-president retracted: I want an effective and just law in one text. »

However, Emmanuel Macron did not think that he should also surrender to the timing, as he was the one who wanted to pass the text or texts before the summer. “But we have had extensive contacts in recent days with Republican officials and it seems that what we wanted, that is, a balanced text with measures to control immigration and integration procedures through labor, will not get a majority,” he said. We are sorry in matinion.

sequel after announcement

“a topic that could divide the country”

The Prime Minister confirmed, not long ago, that she no longer wanted to take responsibility for her government on the basis of Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows the text to be adopted without a vote of parliament. Even if, this Wednesday, I remembered it was about “objective” And not a promise.

However, the lack of a majority is not the only reason for this postponement. After a period of long and painful retreats, Now is not the time to start a debate on a topic that could divide the country.among Elizabeth Bourne, whom she had already advocated Respect the recovery period.. there he is. Even if it meant offending a senior member of his cabinet, Gerald Darmanin, with whom the deal wasn’t perfect anyway.

“She Doesn’t Want to Take Pensions”: New Elizabeth Bourne Trial Period

One question remains: If the prime minister is still in office in the fall, why does the bill have a better chance of passing? This convalescence will come to an end, it is hoped in his entourage. But not only.

The executive branch knows that the Republicans’ new filibuster can also be explained by the Senate elections next September. The right fought to retain its majority in the Senate. You should win it easily, but even then, giving gifts to the government is out of the question. You have to keep in mind that one of the two bedrooms is in the countryside. People abound in the Elysee. Before slipping in like a wish: Perhaps the mood has changed in the fall. »

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