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Wheelchairs, accessibility, school… What to remember from Macron’s announcements

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The Elysee had promised 70 “draconian measures”. On the occasion of the 6th National Disability Congress (CNH), Emmanuel Macron made a series of declarations aimed at improving the rights and daily lives of people with disabilities. He pointed in particular to the envelope of 1.5 billion euros for accessibility, compensation in some cases of wheelchairs.

• “We’re not up to it”

This meeting was marked by a boycott of the Handicapped Assembly, which included 52 associations, and criticized the organization of this conference on its basis. “A clear lack of ambition.” It also comes 10 days after a strong opinion from the Council of Europe stressed that France does not respect the fundamental rights of people with disabilities.

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The feeling of abandonment, the lack of means… For people with disabilities, the obstacle course of accessing care

“We are not living up to the ideal of equality that we have inscribed on the roots of the republic.”recognized by Emmanuel Macron, who confirmed it “The issue of disability must be at the heart of all public policies.”

The Head of State referred to the opinion of the European Committee of Social Rights, which reveals this Persons with disabilities faced severe deficiencies in the exercise of their rights, their participation in social life and their right to guidance, education and vocational training, as well as to health and social, legal and economic protection.

• 1.5 billion to improve access to public spaces

This is a big black point in France for people with disabilities: the lack of accessibility. Emmanuel Macron confirmed that the state will allocate one and a half billion euros to improve access to public places. “It’s a big budget item.”He confirmed that this commitment will be “Down before summer” and will be subject to “Programming”.

Ahead of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paris faces a massive accessibility challenge

This help will matter Small businesses in particular are open to the public […] Small shops, restaurants, community halls and public service buildings ».

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The Head of State also announced that this commitment will be subject to regular monitoring, with an initial assessment from 2024, and could then lead to “Penalties” For public spaces that are improving their access very slowly.

• Measures for children and the school environment

On the issue of childhood and diagnosis, Emmanuel Macron announced this “Children will now be able to access a public tracking service without first going through MDPH.”Departmental home for people with disabilities.

“Never before have there been so many children with disabilities in school,” The head of state also stressed, citing the number of 430,000 students with disabilities.

for treatment “Lots of unsatisfactory attitudes.” At school, Emmanuel Macron introduced two scales: “Intensified training for all concerned” On the issue of a person’s disability on the one hand. On the other hand, “Every first-class enterprise and every region will now have a reference teacher.”announced.

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The life of a dyslexic person: “At school, I feel like I’m running on a bridge that’s collapsing under my feet”

With regard to entertainment centers, additional support costs for local authorities will be covered from 2024.” In the form of a compensation bonus, as we did in the nurseries.

• Professional integration and employment procedures

As announced by the head of state “New solutions and individual support according to the needs and expectations of each” For young people with disabilities in vocational secondary schools.

With regard to the establishment and service of Assistance through Employment (Esat), the operation of which is often denounced by many activists for the rights of people with disabilities, Emmanuel Macron acknowledged that“He is not qualified […] that these workers are paid only 60% of the minimum wage, even though they work full time.” He says he wants to work like this “These people are being fully compensated for their work.”

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He also said he wanted to simplify his recognition as a disabled worker.

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• Measures of daily living

This was announced by Emmanuel Macron for some scholarshipsWheelchairs will be “in full” Repayment made from 2024. “It’s an important measure, a measure of social justice,” Knock.

As claimed by ” next week “People who want to start a course in MDPH will have a dedicated reference.

Disabled Adult Benefit: “To continue to receive it, I was advised to divorce”

There will be no choice between love and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Emmanuel Macron affirmed, referring to his promise to decoupling the allowance for disabled adults, which will take effect in the fall. From 1 October “120,000 people with disabilities who live as a married couple will see their home healthcare rate increase by 350 euros per month on average,” confirmed.

He also indicated a plan of action, “It’s Over By Summer”, On issues of the emotional life of people with disabilities.

• Measures for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Less than 500 days after the Paris Paralympics, Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to coach 3,000 new comprehensive sports clubs and to discuss the target of 1,000 taxis accessible to persons with disabilities in the Paris region by the summer of 2024.

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