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The opposition criticizes Elizabeth Bourne’s roadmap

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On Wednesday, April 26, the opposition ruled on Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne’s roadmap “breathless”And “holes” And “Surrealism”. At the request of Emmanuel Macron, Elizabeth Born on Wednesday, April 26, presented the government’s priorities, ruling out the most divisive topic for the near future, which is immigration law.

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bumpy road mapcriticized PS Olivier Faure’s First Secretary, asking in a tweet whether the Prime Minister, “Breathless, does not mean acting alone”will dare Ask Parliament’s confidence.

sequel after announcement

About the leader of the Socialist Deputies Boris Walud “The crisis in France does not have an ‘agenda’ problem, it is a political problem”. Press conference in an alternate reality.Sentenced to the coordinator of the rebel Manuel Bombard. “As the country lives to the beat of casseroles, Elizabeth Bourne offers an agenda for the following texts being examined in the National Assembly.”. “surprising”he added.

“technocratic talk”

MEP Manon Aubry denounced the press conference “Surrealism”from the prime minister who He seems to live in the fourth dimension.recalls a “The Ostrich’s Strategy in Confronting the Regime’s Crisis”.

Vice President Ecologist Cyril Chatelain said at the press conference, “A hollow, useless exercise in style. Next time, to present us with the parliamentary agenda, a letter will suffice.”I wrote.

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Communist Ian Brusatte a “Technocratic talk as much as the McKinsey report”Sorry that there is “There is nothing tangible about wages and purchasing power” And “No word on pension reform”.

sequel after announcement

“The level of the prime minister’s incompetence and condescension is appalling.”judged deputy LR Aurélien Pradié on Twitter. “She gives up on everything. On immigration, on value sharing, on major emergencies in the country, on using 49-3”.

On the far right, the RN mayor of Perpignan, Louis Elliott, indicated on BFMTV that the head of government was “in great difficulty” on immigration. “It is a required political alternation and not measuring spoons or political communication, as Madame Burney practiced today.”He said.

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