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Re-election candidate Joe Biden clears questions about his age: ‘I feel good’

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Joe Biden brushed off questions about his age on Wednesday, April 26 after announcing his 2024 presidential bid, while confirming that his potential Republican challenger, Donald Trump, is the same. ” Danger “ For American Democracy.

“I thought about it a lot before deciding on my candidacy. I feel good and I’m very excited about the prospects [qui s’annoncent] »The 80-year-old Democratic president answered a question about his age during a joint press conference with his South Korean counterpart Yoon Sok Yul at the White House.

sequel after announcement

Joe Biden’s Democracy Summit, Fake Good Idea

“I’m excited about this possibility.”Joe Biden added. “What happens in the next two, three or four years will determine the shape of the next decade.”

In the White House until the age of 86

When asked about Donald Trump, 76, Joe Biden fired: I know him well and the danger he poses to our democracy. “We’ve already been through all this.”pointed out.

Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election on Tuesday, promising to run it back ” dignity “ to work in America.

In his State of the Union address, Joe Biden laid the groundwork for his candidacy in 2024

If a democrat shows extraordinary stamina, navigating international crises and major reforms, his main handicap remains age. Never before have Americans elected such an old president, and no candidate asked them to leave him the keys to the White House until he was 86 years old.

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