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Justice, health, “green industry” … the main bills that will be brought before the government

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It’s a busy schedule that Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne revealed on Wednesday, 26 April, as she presented the government’s ‘100 days’ roadmap. Justice, health, “green industry”, digital… There are many bills coming to the executive branch, eager to put the test of pension reform behind them. “Lopes” assesses.

• Submission of the “Securing Digital Space” bill at the beginning of May

This is a new project in the digital space that will be initiated by the government after the bill against the abuses of influencers. invoice Securing and regulating the digital space The Prime Minister said it will be presented in early May.

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Among the goals cited by Elizabeth Bourne are combating cyberbullying, preventing children from being exposed to pornographic content, or even working against online fraud, in particular with the use of an “anti-fraud filter”.

‘Jagged roadmap’, ‘alternate reality’… The opposition dismisses Bourne’s rhetoric

According to France Info, the text will have to be proposed in early June to the Senate and then to the National Assembly. One of the ministers interviewed by the channel believed that the text could achieve “compatibility” and be subject to quick scrutiny.

• The full employment bill was introduced in June

“We must continue our efforts to reduce unemployment and achieve full employment,” Prime Minister who confirmed the introduction of a bill to this effect in June. In particular, Elizabeth Bourne states: Removing barriers to employment And “To further support and encourage the resumption of activity, those furthest from work, such as RSA recipients.”

Pôle Emploi will become France Travel in 2024: what will change in practice?

The text will allow to establish France Travail, who will replace Pôle Emploi from 2024, for To make the public employment service more efficient..

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• Health Bill in Parliament in June

In June, Parliament will discuss a bill on health whose goal “Ensuring that everyone has access to care, wherever they are”Elizabeth Bourne said. In particular, he will be able to respond to the problem of medical deserts during “The question of access to care, the challenge of hiring caregivers or our general hospital situation worries the French.”

• The Justice Bill in Parliament in June

The prime minister confirmed that a bill to reform the justice system would be debated in Parliament in June. “Republicanism also means responding to the misunderstanding of the French in the face of the judicial system, which they often find too complex and too slow.”She said.

Declared goal: “Simplify, modernize, reduce delays in justice and protect our citizens.”

• The “Green Industry” bill in parliament this summer

To speed up Carbon-neutral recycling Country, the “green industry” bill will be submitted to the Cabinet in mid-May and discussed in parliament this summer.

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Without massive sobriety, real decarbonization cannot be done from our industry

The first work on the text took place until the end of March and preliminary proposals were submitted for this “To make France the champion of green industry and technologies that will enable decarbonization” And “Supporting industry in decarbonization”said the Ministry of Economy.

• Invoice sharing value “within three months”

Improving wages also requires a more equitable distribution of the wealth produced by firms. Elizabeth Bourne said.

The prime minister said she wanted a “More equitable distribution of the wealth produced by corporations”. A bill to this effect will be presented to Parliament. “within three months” to share the value.

• Postponement of immigration law

Gerald Darmanin had promised him in a military tone last summer: His immigration bill, already announced and postponed several times, was delayed in the fall, because there was no majority in the House. He presented this text as the future great trial of the executive branch after the explosive reform of the pension system Immigration control and integration improvement » It will find a balance between expelling foreigners who threaten public order and improving the integration of illegal immigrants, particularly through regularizing legal status, as promised by the government.

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Immigration Law: For Dusopt, it would be necessary to “do everything to avoid” 49.3

Having confirmed that the project would be divided into several scripts, Emmanuel Macron finally called on Sunday to the “Parisian” for a great act in “one text”.

To prove that the executive branch is working on this “priority” Mobilization was announced without waiting for an act “As of next week.” to “150 more policemen and gendarmes in the Alps-Maritimes” to do “In the face of increasing migratory pressures at the Italian border”.

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