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The arrest of the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdel Malek, during Moliere’s party

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Culture Minister Rima Abdel Malek responded forcefully Monday evening amid Moliere’s concert after two artists were questioned on stage about pension reform. Their intervention came a few hours after a demonstration in front of the Paris Theatre, where the ceremony was taking place.

Rima Abdel Malek, from the shadow of the Elysee to the Ministry of Culture

“Actors are not dogs,” he said. [l’acteur français, ndlr] Gerard Philippe, to denounce the danger in our careers »Actress Tuvan Manucherry said. Alone, in his good liberal logic, from the top of his ivory tower, he has decided to push back the retirement age to 64.She added, referring to President Emmanuel Macron.

sequel after announcement

Then the two artists addressed the minister in the hall: “When are you going to decide to break your silence? Since January 13th, you have not answered the questions our unions have been asking about the consequences of this reform for our furloughed and laid-off workers.”. Then they left the stage “Long live the tagine! ».

“My door is open”

A few seconds later, which is extremely rare in a concert of this kind, Rima Abdel Malek stood up and took out a microphone to defend her record. The minister’s role is usually to sit back and not say anything. But, there, that’s not possible.”did she say. This sentence, written by Gérard Philippe, dates back to 1957. There was no Ministry of Culture at that time [créé deux ans plus tard, ndlr] »she added.

Rima Abdel Malek, the other Minister of Culture

Today, there is a Ministry of Culture that loudly and clearly defends French cultural exceptionalism, and defends the system of punctuation that is a source of pride for our country. You have a ministry that has provided huge assistance during the crisis [du Covid, ndlr] to support you all”hit the minister.

“You have a minister at the head of this ministry who issued a historic budget (…) for inflation and the energy bill. You issued exceptional aid to help the most fragile structures »I continued.

It also accused the unions of having decided to cancel two meetings with it, one of which was scheduled for April 27. “There’s still time to change your mind, my door is open.”And concluded. The audience praised the artists and the minister.

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