Home Politics François Léotard, former Minister of Defense and Culture, has passed away

François Léotard, former Minister of Defense and Culture, has passed away

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On Tuesday, April 25, Emmanuel Macron announced on Twitter the death of former Defense Minister François Leotard. He was 81 years old.

François Lyotard served the country and carried a great idea of ​​culturewrites the head of state. With his death, we lose a freed spirit, a man of books and commitment. His homeland is a desert, the France he defended, the republic he loved today suffers a great loss. »

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“The Southern District, its district, bows to the memory of François Lyotard” who was too Four times Vice President of Var and Mayor of Fréjus for 20 yearsFor his part, the head of this region, Reno Moselier, praised “Man of States and Territories”.

He can no longer “support” the political world

The late UDF President from 1996 to 1998, François Léotard was Minister during two coexistences under François Mitterrand: Culture (1986-1988) in the government of Jacques Chirac, then Defense (1993-1995) in the government of Edouard Balladur.

“A man of certainty and commitment, the armies remember him as a man deeply attached to the sovereignty and independence of France”Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Legourneau said.

Precocious, shady, athletic and compact, this politician, whom many saw as a potential presidential candidate, left politics in the 2000s.

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hit b “boredom”Then François Lyotard explains it “couldn’t take it anymore” The political world, his side “prostitution”made of “flatter” Based on ” to lie “who had to find “his own language”.

Electoral failures and legal troubles – a sentence in 2004 of a suspended ten-month prison sentence for money laundering and illegal party financing – also weakened him.

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