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For Dusopt, it would be necessary to “do everything to avoid” 49.3

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It will take “Do everything to avoid” To adopt the future law on immigration through the new 49.3, recognizing that it is still “presume”.

Immigration Law: Excluded from their status, delivery men will “fight” for papers

This announcement is reminiscent of the March announcement where the government announced that it did not want to use 49.3, to finally use it on March 16th to pass the pension reform. After this release, Elizabeth Bourne confirmed a clear goal, “ No. 49.3 outside the financial textsIn an interview with AFP on March 26.

sequel after announcement

The law is divided into several texts

After hesitating in a waltz, Emmanuel Macron defended the principle of a major law on immigration on Monday. He declared that he wanted “one text” at the same time “effective and fair”l ‘Tighten our rules’ with a purpose Of those who have no reason to be here. It could be faster “taken home” With better integration.

Therefore, the head of state returned to the hypothesis of a draft divided into several texts to facilitate the adoption of the bill, which was withdrawn from the parliament’s agenda a month ago.

The Immigration Bill: The Left Holds the Text! »

Asked about the possibility of adopting the text by a new 49.3, Olivier Dussopp admitted it “Obviously it’s part of the assumptions.”. “But whenever we can build a majority, we do.”He said, recalling “30 texts were adopted by parliament, only 3 were the subject of 49.3”including pension reform.

In immigration law this would be necessary Do everything to avoid it., he added. The minister indicated that in this future law, the government will ensure that “People who have been there for some time, who work in sectors considered to be in tension with a regular employment contract, can obtain a residence permit.”a hypothesis that angers the right.

sequel after announcement

Dusopt against pans

Olivier Dussopp also criticized the “pans” assigned to cabinet members after the unpopular pension reform was adopted with a 49.3 percent vote.

In the wake of similar events, several ministers’ travels were disrupted on Monday by boot concerts protesting pension reform.

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“Speaking out and demonstrating is part of democracy, and wanting to fight it is not part of democracy.”And the rule of the Minister of Labor.

“Wanting to threaten elected officials, representatives and members of government, this is not democracy, wanting to silence those who do not think like you, this is not democracy.”to rule. “It’s a desire for censorship, it’s a desire for La France Insomise and some far-left organizations to ban those who don’t think like them from speaking out, it’s a funny concept of democracy.”he said again.

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