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Nikki Six for Motley Crue: Mick Mars is ‘a little confused’ and ‘we wish him the best’

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Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe opened up about the ongoing legal saga involving the band’s longtime guitarist Mick Mars.

In a new interview with Planet Rock, Sixx doubled down on the band’s manager Allen Kovac’s recent assertion that Mars is being subjected to elder abuse by his legal representatives. According to Sixx, Crüe expresses no ill will toward Mars, but is looking to move forward with current plans involving replacement guitarist John 5, including a 2023 world tour (tickets available here) and recording new music.

“It’s a beautiful time [for Mötley Crüe] And Sixx said it kind of inspired us to write a little bit. “We love our history, we’re so proud of everything we’ve done. We’ve always been really supportive of Mick no matter what Mick is going through. We’re happy where we are now.”


He continued, referring to Mars’ recent lawsuit against the band: “If a member of a band tells you they can’t tour for health reasons, you have two options. You can quit as a band.” [after] 42 years of work. Or we could look at each other and go, “Are we done yet?!” We really are peaking and we understand that [Mick’s] Health problems. We wish him the best and know he’s a little confused and misled by the cast at the moment. But we still have to focus on why we are here.”

Wasting no time after Mars came out, Crowe immediately announced the addition of John 5 in its place. Mars then sued the band for shares of the profits, alleging that although he had retired from touring, he planned to remain a member of the band. The feud was repeated in the media, with some unsavory accusations being made on each side.

The band just hit the studio with longtime producer Bob Rock and is scheduled to perform during the 2023 NFL Draft Concert Series on Friday (April 28) at the Draft Theater in Kansas City, Missouri. The full performance will be streamed on the NFL’s website and YouTube channel.


You can also watch Mötley Crüe live on her 2023 world tour with Def Leppard, which will resume next month. Get tickets here.

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