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must be followed | Sunethic wants to make solar energy a consumer product

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Founded in 2022 by Thomas Cottier, Sunethic designs, manufactures and markets the first French plug-in solar plant with panels made in France. Delivered ready to use and installable in 5 minutes, Sunethic F, according to the company, allows savings of up to 50% on invoice and profitability in less than 10 years.

Once plugged into a standard household outlet, the device produces solar electricity and reinserts it directly into the same outlet to power all of the appliances in the home. On average, a plant with a power of 780 watts (proposed price of 1490 euros) can produce between 380 and 1290 kWh per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of a computer, a TV, a refrigerator, an internet and TV box, two smartphones and a combo. dishwasher. The savings are estimated at around 200 euros per year and amortization over 4 to 7 years.

“Our ambition is to become the leading French manufacturer of solar power plants with panels made in France,” says company founder Thomas Cottier. To do this, we set ourselves the goal of equipping at least 2,000 French households by 2023 and exceeding one million euros in turnover in the first year. To support this development, we plan to create 4 positions by the end of the year and rapidly expand Sunethic’s offer with more innovative and low-carbon French products to make solar energy more affordable and better fight global warming.”

The monitoring box that can be controlled via the mobile phone application also analyzes production in real time to better control the profitability of the installation and calculate the carbon footprint avoided by the household (approximately 13 kg of CO2 per year per panel). In addition, €3 for each painting purchased is donated to Planète Urgence, an organization dedicated to preserving forests and their biodiversity.

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