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Macron continues his field trips in Belgium, and will be in Loir-et-Cher on Tuesday

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Emmanuel Macron, who has been very unpopular since the forced adoption of pension reform, announced his intention to do so “re-engagement” Everywhere in the debate, with the stated desire to contact the French and appease the country by 14 July. But with every trip, it sinks.

This Monday, he was in Ostend, Belgium to take part in a “top of the sea” brings together nine European countries. But under the flags of the French New People’s Army party and the attack – a citizen of Lille rally – the demonstrators gathered around 4 p.m., shortly before the arrival of the French head of state, on a bridge leading to the port.

sequel after announcement

“We are here, we are here, even if Macron does not want it”In particular echoed those demonstrators, many of them banging on small pots and pans, in front of a row of barbed wire and about two dozen policemen blocking access to the bridge. “Retire at 60, we’ll fight to keep it”they also exclaimed. More and more frequent scenes.

Where does the movement of pans come from?

The two trips that the French president made last week to Alsace and Herault, after weeks of mobilization against pension reform, were already marked by mobilization.

“It will not prevent the government from moving forward”

And while the demonstrators pursued him wherever he announced, and the movements of some of his ministers were severely disrupted, Emmanuel Macron confirmed on Monday that “disagreements” And “Protests” He was “Completely legitimate in a democracy”.

In Lyon, the visit of Education Minister Pape Ndiaye was disrupted by protesters

“The rudeness of covering up votes or stopping people from doing their work is unacceptable, and so it won’t stop the government from moving forward, and it doesn’t really stop you.”confirmed.

sequel after announcement

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Determined to continue his field visits, Emmanuel Macron will head to the Vendome in Loire-et-Cher on Tuesday 25 April, on the occasion of a trip on the theme of health. The Head of State, accompanied by the Minister of Health François Browne – who also received him a few days ago with a concert of cauldrons during a trip to Montreuil – will visit the Interdisciplinary University Health Center (MSPU) in the city.

In particular, he will discuss with the nursing staff about “Problems of access to care and the attractiveness of the profession and training”said the Elysee, in the context of increasing medical desertification in the territory.

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