Home Politics In Lyon, the visit of Education Minister Pape Ndiaye was disrupted by protesters

In Lyon, the visit of Education Minister Pape Ndiaye was disrupted by protesters

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The Minister of Education’s visit to Lyon was badly disrupted on Monday, April 24, and Pape Ndiaye did not finally go until 2:30 pm as planned in Enspe where he was waiting for a hundred protesters who tried to enter the building, according to an AFP journalist.

According to the province, which denies any cancellation of the visit, it was reorganized after those protesters with pans were forced into the Higher National Institute of Education (Inspe) while chanting. “We too will pass by force.”referring to the 49.3 used to pass the unpopular pension reform.

sequel after announcement

Where does the movement of pans come from?

The police inside prevented them from entering the building and fired tear gas.

The visit “was not cancelled, rather it was annulled”

Visit the teacher training institute “It wasn’t canceled, it was reversed”, The minister first went to the directorate, then to the inspector, and the ministry was informed. During a tense mic at the university’s management, Pap Ndiaye confirmed that he would next go to Inspe.

The program of the visit, which was transmitted to the media, did not initially mention a trip to the university. The announcement – just two hours earlier – of his trip led to calls for networks to welcome the minister to the heckling.

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An AFP journalist noted that the few hundred people gathered at the welcoming committee were equipped with pots and pans, pails, tin boxes of biscuits, whistles, fog horns and smoke bombs.

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