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Comoros refuses to dock a migrant boat

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Comoros said on Monday, April 24, that it had refused to dock a boat carrying migrants from Mayotte, as French authorities announced a controversial operation called “Wambocho” against illegal immigration, and suspended passenger traffic at the port where expelled Comoros usually disembark.

“As long as the French side decides to do things unilaterally, we will assume our responsibilities. No deportee will return to a port under the sovereignty of the Comoros.Comorian Interior Minister Fikri Eddin Mahmoud told AFP.

sequel after announcement

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“The port of Mutsamudu (in Anjouan Comoros) is unable to operate when boarding and disembarking passengers from this day until 04/26/2023, the date on which we will inform you of the possible resumption of operations.”For their part, they announced the maritime services in a note addressed to a shipping company, and Agence France-Presse carries a copy of it.

France will continue the process

France, for its part, hopes so “quick resume” The boats will move to the Comoros and will continue their work, according to what was stated by the governor of the island. “Operations (…) to combat crime and combat unhealthy housing, and the consequences that entail for illegal immigration, we will not stop.”Prefect Thierry Souquet announced to the press.

Mayotte, the island of deserted youth

There are already about 1,800 policemen and gendarmes in Mayotte to take part in the operation that plans to expel illegal immigrants from the slums of the French province of Mayotte and expel Comorians illegally present in the territory to the nearest Comoros island, Anjouan, which is 70 kilometers away. Just.

Comoros said last week it had no plans to do soWelcoming those expelled from the process. Moroni doubled down on calls for Paris to cancel the operation, saying it did not have the means to absorb the influx of migrants.

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