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Blue certification badges imposed on Twitter without consent

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Twitter’s account verification system on Elon Musk could no longer become incomprehensible, yet baffled on Saturday, April 23, with blue badges returning to certain media accounts or personalities, whether they like it or not.

From SpaceX to Twitter, what is Elon Musk’s real project?

“On my soul I didn’t pay for Twitter Blue, the Tesla guy will feel my wrath!”tweeted American rapper Lil Nas X, whose profile displays a blue checkmark.

sequel after announcement

Previously free, and a guarantee of authenticity and notoriety, it now means that the user is subscribed to Twitter Blue (for $8 per month) and that their phone number has been verified by the platform.

“No no”

On Thursday, accounts with the old blue badge were lost unless they paid for the new card, following Elon Musk’s strategy laid out this winter to authenticate users and generate new revenue. But a tiny fraction of former premium users signed up — less than 5% of the 407,000 profiles involved, according to researcher Travis Brown.

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This Friday and Saturday, an increasing number of personalities have found a blue tick, seemingly without any action on their part, such as writer Stephen King, NBA champ LeBron James, or former President Donald Trump.

“No, no, guys.”Technology journalist Kara Swisher tweeted on Saturday, explaining that she was “force check”silently ” consent “. “People need to know: Does Elon like me for me or for the 1.49 million people who follow me?”She added an hour after claiming she wouldn’t pay “Eight bucks a month for a blue check mark and blah tools”.

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Elon Musk, from superhero to supervillain in the eyes of Americans

Many of the authenticated users though themselves were keen to state that they had nothing to do with it, as the controversial badge has become a symbol of support for Elon Musk. Please note that I have not subscribed to Twitter Blue, although for some mysterious reason the blue tick has reappeared.said author Rick Wilson.

The head of Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX announced on Friday on the social network that “Personally paid for some subscriptions”. “Checkmate”he tweeted cryptically on Saturday, amid speculation.

Musk’s business model is to falsify celebrity endorsements like a box of penis enlargement pills.Attorney Max Kennerly has been fired. Deceased novelists, such as American chef Anthony Bourdain, have also been awarded the new blue badge.

He hits

And many official media accounts have it too, even the New York Times lost its testimony in early April after Elon Musk called out information posted there. “Advertising”.

sequel after announcement

Some large press groups have a gold badge reserved for “accredited organizations” who pay at least $1,000 a month. But US public broadcaster NPR and CBC Radio-Canada’s public media group had yet to begin tweeting again until Saturday.

Elon Musk is a vanishing point for current capitalism

These two organizations recently suspended their Twitter activities in protest of the labels Twitter gave them: Government funded media. or “belonging to the state”a term previously reserved for non-independent media, funded by authoritarian governments.

On Friday, Elon Musk’s platform removed these tags, including the official Chinese agency Xinhua (New China) or Russia’s RT. Was the real purpose of all this NPR fuss to help China and Russia? Looks good: By removing ratings from state-controlled media, Twitter helps propagandaKara Swisher said Saturday morning.

AFP did not contact Twitter, which no longer officially responds to the press except with a poop emoji.

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