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A year after his re-election, Macron, who is lowest in opinion polls, faces a 100-day bet

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Is this the first anniversary of his re-election, or the true start of his second five-year term after a false start? Decreeing a bizarre 100-day recovery period, Emmanuel Macron chronicled the political deadlock from which he struggles to extricate himself.

On April 24, 2022, the President of the Republic, at the age of 44, was re-elected, defeating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round, five years earlier. A feat under the Fifth Republic, outside of a period of coexistence, on the part of the one who created the surprise in 2017 with a supposedly central location dismantling old political divisions.

sequel after announcement

But this second term, at the end of which he could not run for re-election in accordance with the constitution, soon gave him breath. The campaign was atrophied by the war in Ukraine, and then the legislative elections deprived him of an absolute majority in the National Assembly. Finally, the pension reform sparked controversy and sparked a major political and social crisis.

Emmanuel Macron, the atmosphere of the end of governance

The result, a head of state who struggles to find Martingale to continue the reform and is forced to seek the majority as per the scripts.

All in all, it was moderately successful for quite some time.

The executive reminds everyone that before retirement at 64 was finally imposed without a vote thanks to controversial Article 49.3 of the Constitution, more than two dozen other texts passed, with voting right and sometimes left — from renewable energies to nuclear power and purchasing power.

sequel after announcement

“We are on a forced march.”he even confirms Emmanuel Macron, with his appreciation “six years review”.

This is Macron’s great frustration: anger expressed out loud that seems to push him aside ” He hits “. Low unemployment, the beginning of re-industrialization in the country or shields to partially protect the French from rising prices.

In fact, Emmanuel Macron is not very popular. It is flirting with the lowest levels it reached at the start of a crisis “yellow vests” end of 2018.

“It is really the pension reform that has weakened his popularity.”, notes Céline Braque, general manager of polling institute Odoxa. She reinforced the most negative features of her image, like this “contempt for the French” Which she is often accused of, she told AFP.

sequel after announcement

“We put it all back together”

The head of state made the announcement during a speech on Monday to settle a three-month dispute One hundred days of peace And “an act”and set an appointment for July 14 for the “first evaluation”.

In the process, after being in the background since the start of the year, he’s back on the field “in contact with” French. In Alsace on Wednesday, he was shouted at violently.

A sequence posited by the Elysee as a session of “catharsis” collective.

“This is an essential step to reopening the card game” And “Breathe some fresh air.”says a relative. Hope its strategy: “It’s hard at first” before “to get better as you go”according “The punching bag theory that recovers after being injured”.

sequel after announcement

“The 100 days of Emmanuel Macron is a way of saying (…)“ There was a failure at the beginning, we didn’t understand each other, we’re putting everything back together, we’re starting from scratch.”believes Philippe Moreau Chevollet, professor of political communication at Sciences Po.

According to him, the president will try “Provoke something new every day”by going to the field, by calling the unions back in May, in a way“Journey with oneself” Double-edged.

Vincent Tyberg: “If Macron thinks he is infallible, it is a simple mistake of Science-Po”

Because the executive authority did not solve the parliamentary equation.

Elizabeth Bourne fails to do so ” To expand “ relative majority. But due to the lack of an alternative, according to several large sources, Emmanuel Macron decided for the time being to confirm this to Matignon, while renewing his confidence in him only with words.

sequel after announcement

In lost time, the prime minister should present her road map on Wednesday, but she doesn’t really know, at this point, how the most divisive texts, starting with those on immigration, are being adopted.

“Any major reform is currently being held up.”Celine Braque warns against seeing the head of state “Doomed to petty politics”break with Macronism’s Initial Promise.

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