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The clashes in Sudan, the interview with Macron, the demonstration at Sykes… Five things to remember from this weekend

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If you’ve picked up the news in the past two days, “oops” It gives you a summary of the key information to remember from April 22nd and 23rd.

The US Supreme Court upholds access to the abortion pill right now

The US Supreme Court ruled on Friday (April 21) to maintain access to abortion pills used in more than half of the country’s abortions, suspending restrictions decided by lower courts and offering abortion rights advocates a temporary reprieve.

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50 years after Roe v. Wade: “Opposition to abortion is a very powerful tool for electoral mobilization”

In particular, the Supreme Court’s decision means that American women will be able to continue receiving mifepristone, the name of the abortion pill, by mail in states where abortion remains legal.

This is the court’s most significant intervention in the abortion issue since it struck down the constitutional guarantee of abortion in June 2022. But the legal battle over the abortion pill, which unleashes strong emotions, will continue.

Thousands of demonstrators march against the Toulouse-Casetre motorway

Several thousand opponents of the A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway demonstrated in the middle of the countryside on Saturday 22 April in Saïx, in Tarn, denouncing a project they consider contradictory to the climate emergency and calling for. “less tar”during the ceremonial mobilization, but under close watch.

In Vendine, is the construction site of the future A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres the next Sainte-Soline?

Dancing to the beat of the beat, sometimes in the rain, some 8,200 people according to the organizers, 4,500 according to the prefecture, walked all afternoon on trails and through the woods, following a section of future highway route. Some of the demonstrators carried banners: “Less energy, less cars, less tar” or “A69, a dead end motorway that will end up in a roundabout”.

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Collective crowd organizers asked The Way Is Free, Extinction Rebellion, Union of Peasants and Land Uprisings (SLT) “immediate stop” from the construction site. They again proposed development of the existing national road and deplored the loss of farmland or biodiversity that the construction of this 53-kilometre stretch of highway would entail.

Marilyn Schiappa screams at the “slander”

In the case of the Marian Fund, the former Minister Delegate for Citizenship decided to defend herself in a series of tweets posted on Saturday 22 April. “Because ejaculation, at some point, is enough.”I wrote.

Launched immediately after the death of Samuel Paty by the then Minister Delegate for Citizenship, this fund, which was granted 2.5 million euros, was intended to promote Republic values. But since the discovery by France 2, Marianne, and Mediapart, there are a lot of questions surrounding the use of these public subsidies.

Why the administration of the Marian Fund, which was set up by Marlene Schiappa after the death of Samuel Paty, came into question

Was he accused of supporting “friends” or even embezzling money? ! False, defamatory, disreputable. There are 17 projects supported. These are two reported associations, by no means ‘my friends’, that need to be heard and can be heard. None of the Marian Fund winners is my friend or relative or whatever. They themselves denied it! », Marilyn Schiappa writes in her defense. “Only two associations are the subject of notes. Justice looks at it and says what it is »She continued, noting that the Inspectorate General of Administration (IGA) had also been taken over.

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Many countries are repatriating their citizens from Sudan

France, Allemagne, les Etats-Unis, le Royaume-Uni et d’autres pays ont commencé dimanche April 23 à evacuer leurs ressortissants or leur personnel diplomatique du Soudan, où les combats meurtriers entre armée et paramilitaires font rage depuis plus d ‘week.

According to video images collected by Agence France-Presse, convoys of dozens of white United Nations vehicles left Khartoum on Sunday, as did many buses, heading to Port Sudan, in the east of the country. It was not immediately known who was on board the plane. Witnesses said that gunfire and explosions rocked the capital and its suburbs again on Sunday, and fighter jets flew over them.

Clashes and French evacuation… What we know about the situation in Sudan

The violence, which took place mainly in Khartoum and Darfur in the west, has killed more than 420 and injured 3,700, according to the World Health Organization. They have displaced tens of thousands of people to other states in Sudan, or to Chad and Egypt, while several countries are mobilizing to evacuate their citizens.

Macron will re-engage in the public debate

Emmanuel Macron admitted he should have done it “wet” More to defend the disputed pension reform and announced that it would start from now on “Re-engage in the public debate”in an interview with readers of the newspaper “Parisien” published on the Internet on the evening of Sunday, April 23, by the daily newspaper.

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The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

“Maybe the bug wasn’t there enough to be consistent and do this fix myself”said the President of the Republic, who nevertheless confirms that his Prime Minister, Elizabeth Born, has a role to play ” trust “ because “She is doing her job well at a difficult time for the country”.

Emmanuel Macron also appreciated it Marine Le Pen will come (to power) if we do not know how to respond to the challenges of the country and if we establish the habit of lying or denying reality.. The head of state who claims not to have it “lessons to learn” about it because he owns it hit twiceSo, we offer “You’ll never win” against RN “The most popular and rowdy game”but thanks “Worksites of Reindustrialization, Environment and Order, and the Struggle for Our Public Services”.

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